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A Festival of Lights
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The Light Darkened and then Restored

The Light Darkened and then Restored

For a second time Melkor stood at bay before the company of the rest of the Valar. A dark figure, he, seemingly the darker due to the empty socket in his iron crown from which one of the three Silmarilli had been cut.

You can do nothing to me! For, behold! Did not Atar Himself give me power to condense and darken the Light? Did He not give me rule over the Darkness of a?

Yea, Manw answered him, so He did indeed, and none will question His wisdom in doing so. But He did not give you the right to hoard all Light to yourself, or to deny it to the Children. He did not give you the right to impose your will always upon them, or to turn them from the Light He set at the heart of all Creation to your own worship. Dark was intended as a frame for Light, not as a curtain to hide it from all else!

He turned his attention to Aul, Orom, and Tulkas, who among them held Angainor in readiness. Let him be bound once more, and this time he shall be thrust beyond the Doors of Night, out into the Void, that he might no longer seek to darken all of Arda. The Doors are of his own making, and now must hold him away from that he would seal solely to his own purposes.

He shuddered as the crown was lifted from his brow by Varda, and as it fell to nothing in her hands, leaving merely the two remaining jewels that had burned him so in his taking of them. He had thought that in taking them he would have been granted the beauty of their purity, but instead they had burned his hands black. He hissed in pain as Angainor was again fastened upon him, holding him in the shape hed taken so long ago to himself, and he found his hands again burned him past bearing. Ah! To be held apart from the Light hed so coveted! Why were these others granted such authority over him, to deny him the Light he could not create of himself?

And then he was being thrust out of his own Doors, out into the Void! He quailed the more, for having Sung them into being he knew that their pattern was now set, and what hed intended to use against the others now held him away until the End of Time from the Light he so coveted. And as the Doors closed him out, he saw that Light was being restored to those heedless, helpless lesser Children, and he wept, beating on them. For it was dark, here in the Void.

Intended to be the Light-bearer, he fell instead. His own Darkness filled him rather than enhancing the beauty of the Light he was to have shown forth.


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