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A Festival of Lights
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And Let There Be Light!

For all of my Jewish friends in particular, and especially for Jeannette, John, Rebecca Ann, Dave, Kathy, Mark, and Renea.


A Festival of Lights

And Let There Be Light!

It is too dark my beloved, the Lady communicated to her Lord. ňa needs Light! So saying, she began to sing and dance throughout the firmament, and where her foot fell, great spheres were left in her wake. And to those she sang over, the Imperishable Flame came and set them burning. She took them into her holy hands and set each in its place, some in great patterns, some scattered as bright jewels as if they formed a carpet fit for their company to tread.

A few of this number her Lordís brother Melkor took, giving them great density that darkened their fire, leaving each to serve as a focus for nebulae and galaxies, a place to which the stars might come at the end of the time for each. Where VŠna followed her sister some burst into full flower, becoming the nurseries for more stars to follow. AulŽ took many of the smaller spheres that did not burn into his keeping, making each rich with minerals, and set them spinning about such stars as pleased him. Yavanna crooned to a few of these that were of a size that pleased her, and to them was given life of various sorts.

VairŽ and Nessa were soon putting many of those that blazed into even more intricate patterns, while Ulmo visited many of those that were solid, gifting them with water. Irmo sang and invoked Atarís will upon them, granting many the ability to impart dreams and possibly wisdom, and his brother NŠmo followed and read Atarís messages shown forth in these and so learned much. Tulkas laughed and roared with delight, and Nienna wept great tears of joy as they saw this universe begin taking the shape that Atarís other children would know. EstŽ watched all with interest, already foreseeing that from time to time her gift of healing might well be needed by each and all; and OromŽ vowed to guard them all from whatever evil might seek to devour them.

At last all was set into readiness, and the Lady offered all to Atar for His blessing.

You have done well, my children. All is almost ready for my other Children to know and love.

He bent His will upon one of the smaller spheres that AulŽ and Yavanna had both blessed, spinning about a yellow star, a silvery orb dancing about it. Ah, this will do. But for now we shall hide the star, that the Children not be affrighted or discomforted by its light. Melkor, this shall be your task for now, to reduce this star and darken its fireófor a time. And for now I shall hide also this other orb, perhaps out here between this smaller world and this great gas giant, in the same orbit as this iron-rich sphere I see AulŽ has set his mark upon. There will come a time when each will be needed as you set them, but that time is not yet. Yes, that is right. You have done well. Now, enter into this world that you may see the wonders I shall work here.

ManwŽ was the last to take a form fitting to this world, and before he did so, he breathed upon it and upon all of ňa as directed by Atar, and so blessed it to the Creatorís will and usage. And condensing himself, he joined the others of his sort upon the chosen world, curious to see just how his beloved consortís creations should be used by their Father.

Ah, Elbereth Gilthoniel! How great thy gift of Light to the Children of the Creator!


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