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West of the Moon, East of the Sun
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Appendix--Family, Friends, and Subsequent Generations

These are lists of Frodo's stepchildren and their children, and the children of his close friends, which I've made because there are so many and this may help to keep track. I realize that some do not appear in the story or are merely mentioned by other characters, but I made the lists before writing the entire tale in order to help myself keep up with who belonged to whom....(seems Tolkien did the same;))

Children of Anemone:

Darkfin/Greenjade (m)

Fairwind (f)

Moonrise (m)

Embergold (f)

Ebbtide (m)

Northlight (m)

Nightingale (f)

Gloryfall (f)

Raven (adopted) (f)

Children of Fairwind and Barathon:

Emerion (adopted) (m)

Faelon (adopted) (m)

Meriadoc (m)

Eowyn (f)

Children of Embergold:

Sandrose (f)

Onyx (m)

Children of Northlight and Raven:

Amaryllis (f)

Hathol (m)

Children of Moonrise and Sweetfern:

Crystal (m)

Piper (m)

Summershine (f)

Butterfly (f)

Wildwind (m)

Lotus (f)

Tamarind (m)

Children of Ebbtide and Jasmine:

Flamingo (m)

Whitegull (f)

Cormorant (m)

Ibis (m)

Children of Summershine:

Belladonna (f)

Arkenstone (m)

Skylark (f)

Treasure (f)

Glimmerglass (f)

Starbright (f)

Peregrin (m)

Children of Sandrose and Jasper:

Opal (f)

Ruby (f)

Sapphire (f)

Emerald (f)

Garnet (f)

Pearl (f)

Topaz (f)

Amethyst (f)

Children of Onyx:

Harvest (m)

Aurora (f)

Redflame (m)

Lovemist (f)

Evermind (m)

Foxfire (m)

Scarlet (f)

Children of Guilin and Nessima:

Arthion (m)

Turín (m)

Anemone (f)

Carandol (m)

Children of Nightingale and Calanon:

Melda (f)

Elanor (f)

Veryan (m)

Children of Gloryfall and Amonost:

Young Amonost (m)

Evenstar (f)

Lainadan (m)

Primrose (f)

Children of Galendur and Tilwen:

Iorhael (m)

Silivren (f)

Meril (f)

Children of Emleth:

Lindariel (f)

Menelwen (f)

Child of Gandalf and Ríannor:

Arasirion (m)

Children of Seragon and Niniel:

Lyrien (f)

Castiel (f)

Eruestan (m)

Child of Perion and Lyrien:

Perhael (m)

Child of Marílen and Dairuin:

Leandreth (f)


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