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"Because of You"

28. "Because of You"

by Anemone Baggins

Because of you, you say,
I lost all powers I possessed
and learned the feel of pain,
to be tired, snappish,
jumping at noises
saying the wrong words
when I burn my hand in the kitchen
or drop the pot lid on my foot.
And what it is to know
that death awaits me.
Because of you
these things I learned
this I cannot deny.

And, because of you
my skin learned to sing
and burst into blossom
as your kisses fall as burning rain
over me, my limbs
have learned to dance
when wrapped about you
and I learned to feel you
inside me even when
you are not, to know
the stars envy me
as I sleep in your arms
clad in naught but bliss
and the sun envies me
when I awaken to your face
and read fresh chapters
that teach us ways
to love each other.

Because of you
I sing at my spinning
dance at my cooking
and see double-hearts
and butterflies whenever
you speak my name.
My feet learned
to skip for joy
when I hear your wheels
barely refraining
from dashing to meet you
as a pup to its master.

Because of you
I shall learn to die
as I have learned to live,
my Love;
there is no going back
now or ever.
Because of you
the path to Eternity
is unrolled before me
strewn with lamps
and velvet boxes
dancers and dinners
love stories old and new
and countless waterless dreams

because of you.


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