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The Unvarying Princess
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An Unexpected Aquaintance

This is the second part of the series about the Royal family of Dol Amroth. It is focused around Ivriniel, daughter of Prince Adrahil, and sister to Finduilas and Imrahil. For those who have read, 'Memoirs of a Princess', you will have further enlightenment into the relationship between Finduilas and Lord Agoron.

Since I have never read a story concerning Ivriniel, I thought I would like to give her a place in this large world of fanfiction.


Dol Amroth: September 2974


The wind was crisp as it streaked leaves through the streets of Dol Amroth. Ivriniel, Princess of Dol Amroth watched as the auburn-coloured leaves landed in front of her. It was her favourite time of year. She loved the changing colours of the forestry surrounding the great city. The air was more crisp and brought about a fresh, renewing sensation that cleared your lungs of the sweaty breath of summer.

In the distance, Ivriniel could see her little sister, Finduilas talking to one of the stall owners in the market square. Finduilas was three years her sister's junior, being twenty-four summers. Ivriniel adored her sister, thinking Finduilas to be the joy in her world.

"Sister," Finduilas called, waving her sister over, "you must see these!"

Ivriniel smiled and walked over to the stall. She saw all kinds of jewels laid out on the table. "These are beautiful," she said, picking up a set of square-cut ruby earrings. She placed them in front of her right ear. "How do they look?"

Finduilas grinned. "They look fit for a princess."

The sisters giggled. "I shall purchase them," she informed the stall owner.

"I prefer sapphires," Finduilas said, picking up a large sapphire brooch. "This would look lovely on the bodice of my new gown."

"It most certainly would," Ivriniel replied. "You should buy it."

"I shall," Finduilas said happily.

"You know," Ivriniel said, tucking her sister's arm into her's, "our father spoils us."

Finduilas laughed. "He has every right to. He adores us."

Ivriniel grinned. "Come; let us return to the palace."

"No!" Finduilas said, stopping in her tracks. "They day is still early. Let us get something to eat."

Ivriniel sighed, but smiled, agreeing. "If only you did not have such a hold over me."

Finduilas giggled. "Let us go over to the little shop that serves fresh seafood. I have been dying to try their food."

The shop was located across from the busy port that dealt with trading from Minas Tirith. Seagulls flew above them, trying to catch a loose fish that had managed to escape the fishing nets. Fishing vessels bobbed at the dock, while their owners prepared to sail out once more. Ivriniel loved sailing. It was a love she had inherited from her father, Prince Adrahil.

The sisters entered the shop and found the front room set out like a tavern. Several groups of people were sitting at the tables, talking merrily amongst each other. The princesses were acknowledged with joyous greetings and well wishes. The owner came over to them and bowed deeply.

"Welcome," he said a little nervously. "My name is Camaenor, and this is my wife, Maeves." He pointed to a middle-aged woman standing behind the counter drying dishes.

"Greetings, Camaenor," Ivriniel said politely. "May my sister and I take our midday meal here?"

"Oh, most certainly," Camaenor replied. "My wife and I would be honoured."

The sisters were led to a square table by a large, open window overlooking the port. "This is lovely," Ivriniel said to Finduilas. "I am glad you suggested this."

Finduilas poured herself some water. "It is nice to get out of the palace and mix with the commons."

Ivriniel nodded in agreement. "Yes." She watched her sister stare out the window. "Who are you staring at?"

Finduilas blushed deeply. "You know who."

Ivriniel grinned and looked out the window. She saw him Lord Agoron. He was the commander of the Swan Fleet, and their brother's best friend. "He is in love with you."

Finduilas looked at her sister incredulously. "Impossible."

Ivriniel rolled her eyes. Her sister had a tendency to be oblivious to things right in front of her. "Yes, he is. He confessed everything to me."

Finduilas sat back in her chair and crossed her arms. "When?"

"Two days ago," she replied. "I met him while he was visiting Imrahil. When father called our brother away, I spoke to Agoron about you. He said he cannot stop thinking of you."

Finduilas blushed once more and looked out the window. "Then why did he not come and speak to me about his feelings?"

"You know very well why," Ivriniel replied. "Father would not be very keen on the match."

"Lord Agoron is of noble birth," Finduilas replied.

Ivriniel nodded. "I know. I just do not see father allowing such a union."

Finduilas sighed. "I want to meet him."

Ivriniel eyed her little sister. "Do not do anything reckless that could taint your honour."

Finduilas scoffed at her remark. "Oh, please."

Camaenor came over to them and placed two large platters filled with seafood in front of them both. "Here you go, my ladies," he said. "Is there anything else I can be of service to?"

Ivriniel shook her head. "No, thank you."

Camaenor bowed and left them.

"Such a nice man," Finduilas remarked, watching the man leave. "We should come here more often."

"Yes," Ivriniel replied. "We should notify our brother about this place."

"He already knows about it," Finduilas replied, eating a prawn. "He was the one who told me about it. He comes here with Agoron and his other fellow friends."

"Oh," Ivriniel said, gently slapping her sisters on the arm. "So that is why you wanted to come here."

Finduilas glared at her. "Do not tease me, sister. One day, you are going to fall in love also."

Ivriniel's eyes widened. "You... love him?"

Finduilas stopped eating and sighed deeply. "I-I don't know. Possibly. I have never felt this way before. Whenever I am with Agoron, it feels like nothing else in the world exists. I feel like I can do whatever I want and nobody is going to care. He makes me laugh and goes out of his way to make sure I have everything I want."

Ivriniel smiled warmly. "He is a wonderful man, and respected by our father."

"Do you think Father would ever allow Agoron to court me?" Finduilas asked hopefully.

Ivriniel shrugged her shoulders. "I honestly do not know. Father does love you, and he does want his children to be happy."

Finduilas nodded. "Perhaps I should talk to Agoron before I go to Father."

Ivriniel nodded. "Definitely."


It was when they left the shop to head back to the palace that Ivriniel noticed him. He was standing at the dock, watching the sea. His hair was dark brown, and his stance was that of a man born into nobility. By the way he stood with his hands clasped behind his back, his piercing gaze at the ocean, Ivriniel did not think he would notice her.

And why should I care? she thought to herself. Still, she stood several meters away from him, watching his serene expression.

"Whatever are you looking at?" Finduilas asked, coming up to her sister's side.

Ivriniel tore her gaze away from him and faced her sister. "You go ahead back to the palace. Tell father that I shall return shortly."

"Where are you going?" Finduilas asked curiously.

"To talk to this man," she replied distantly.

Finduilas frowned, but decided best not to interrupt whatever it was her sister had in mind.

Ivriniel walked over to him hesitantly. "Do I know you?" she asked bravely.

The man turned his gaze to her. "I do not believe so, my lady," he replied, turning his full body towards her.

"You look... familiar," she continued.

"I am Lord Losdir of Pinnath Gelin," he replied. "I have come to Dol Amroth to be in the service of your grandfather, Prince Angelimir."

"Of course," Ivriniel said, remembering where she had seen him. "I saw you being knight by my grandfather several days ago."

Losdir smiled. "Yes, my lady."

"Why do you wish to be in service to my grandfather?" she asked curiously. "Surely your father, Lord Hirluin has men of his own."

Losdir smiled distantly and turned his gaze towards the sea. "I have longed for an adventure. My home is peaceful. We have next to no disturbances from the enemy, and my father deems me a worthy knight of our great realm. He wrote to Prince Angelimir, praising my skills as a soldier. Your grandfather replied, seeking my presence. When I arrived here, he watched me being tested, and then knighted me."

Ivriniel nodded. "An interesting tale, Lord Losdir. I have never been to Pinnath Gelin."

Losdir chuckled. "Few have."

"So, how are you enjoying Dol Amroth?" she asked.

Losdir gestured her over to a table to sit at. "Honestly, I have never seen such beauty." He turned back towards the sea. "I have never seen such changing element. The sea is a radiance that seems to capture even the strongest of hearts."

Ivriniel watched the man before her in wonder. He spoke from the heart; something few of the men she knew did. Her brother, Imrahil never did such a thing. However, he was still a very, very young man of nineteen.

"From your words I presume you intend on staying here," Ivriniel said, with a twinkle in her eyes.

Losdir faced her once more and grinned. "Dol Amroth seems to have much to offer for me. Not only the breathtaking neighbour the city has, but I have also been giving the honour of serving under Prince Angelimir."

Ivriniel smiled. "My grandfather is a good man. All are proud to serve him."

"Your father, Prince Adrahil is also an honorary man. I have had the pleasure of meeting his acquaintance at my knighting."

"Have you met my brother, Prince Imrahil?" she queried.

Losdir nodded. "I have. He too, is an honourable man also. They all are."

Ivriniel grinned. "My family are kind rulers. The people of Belfalas have always been grateful for our empathy concerning the Corsairs of Umbar."

Losdir's face darkened. "I have heard tales of the destruction the Corsairs have caused over the years."

Ivriniel sighed. "Yes. It has been difficult, but we refuse to live under their shadow."

"I have been commanded to patrol the outskirts of Dol Amroth," Losdir said. "I will be serving under Captain Alagosson. My main duty will be to scout any areas that are potential targets for land raiding parties."

"It sounds rather dangerous," Ivriniel commented. "Though, all tasks concerning the defence of this realm appear dangerous to me."

"It is a burden men in this lifetime must endure," Losdir remarked. "You should consider yourself lucky to be able to live a life of luxury. You have no idea how sheltered you are."

Ivriniel stiffened a bit. "My grandfather and father keep me informed of the fiefdom's political status. My mother however, is in charge of running the palace. She keeps me on my toes doing tasks for her, but I assure you, when I am committing myself to serving this land, I am in any condition other than luxury."

Losdir bowed his head. "My apologies, my lady. I have spoken of matters I know little of."

"Surely your mother is in a similar position as mine," she said, raising her eyebrow.

Losdir lowered his eyes. "My mother, Lady Erynel passed away last winter. The season bought an illness with it. Many of my father's people suffered because of it."

Ivriniel's eyes widened. "Oh, my lord, I am so sorry. Forgive me. If I had known..."

"You did not," Losdir replied gently. "You made an honest mistake. You have nothing to apologise for."

Ivriniel gazed into his eyes. "I rather enjoy your company. You are easy to talk to, in fact, I find you far easier to talk to than my brother!"

Losdir laughed at her remark. "My lady, you give me too much credit."

"Not at all," she answered, smiling warmly. "My grandfather is holding a small gathering with the court this evening. Shall you be attending?"

Losdir nodded. "I shall be. All the new Swan Knights are expected to."

"Of course they are!" she exclaimed. "How could I have forgotten that tradition?"

Losdir smiled and stood up. "Shall I escort you back to the palace?"

Standing up also, Ivriniel shook her head. "There is no need, I know my way back."

"Should you not have an escort?" he asked. "A princess should not wander alone."

She hesitated. "Very well, you may escort me back."

Losdir allowed her to walk ahead of him, as was custom for a knight to do so when escorting any family member of nobility. Nevertheless, Ivriniel turned her head to look at him, frowning. "There is no need to follow my trail. You are of noble birth also."

Losdir shook his head. "I would prefer to walk two paces behind. It is common courtesy, my lady."

She frowned once more, but nodded. He was so... thoughtful, she thought, trying to figure out the right word to describe him. He was well presented and had very polite manners. What she liked most about him was that he was able to hold himself in a conversation. Better yet, he was not listing all his 'wonderful' qualities and 'amazing' voyages, as did many of the noble gentlemen of the court. Most men thought that only women were the ones listing their qualities, trying to make advantageous marriages. Valar, had they misjudged the whole aspect of court life.

They walked in silence the whole way, causing nobody to look twice at them both. She presumed that was for the best. She did not want any ridiculous rumours spreading about her. The four guards at the front palace gates saluted the princess, before two of them opened the great gates leading into the palace's front courtyard.

Losdir stopped at the gate, bowing before Ivriniel. "This is where I take my leave. The sun sets in a few hours, and I do not wish to be late for the evening gathering."

Ivriniel nodded, but felt a small wave of disappointed flow through her body. She did not want him to leave. But why? she asked herself. "I understand," she answered, offering her hand for him to kiss. "It was a pleasure making your acquaintance, Lord Losdir of Pinnath Gelin."

Losdir bowed his head before swiftly turning on his heels and leaving down a laneway leading to the knights' lodgings. Ivriniel watched him depart until he was out of sight. She bit her bottom lip, and fidgeted with her hands.

"Is everything all right, my lady?" the closest guard to her asked.

Startled, she turned to him. "Yes, everything is fine. Thank you for your concern." She turned around and walked into the front courtyard, thinking of what gown she could wear. She had been planning to present herself to the court in a simple, light blue gown. However, circumstances seemed to have swayed her mind. Was she trying to catch his attention? she wondered. Never! She knew he would come and speak to her again. They had left on good terms. Still, there was that lovely deep blue gown, trimmed with silver hanging in the wardrobe. Ivriniel smiled to herself. She could not wait to tell Finduilas about him.


The evening came slowly for Ivriniel, yet there she was, standing a few feet away from the palace hall's entrance. She was wearing her deep blue gown and new dancing shoes. She stared into the hall, trying to catch a glimpse of Lord Losdir. The doorway's curtains had been drawn back, yet the two knights standing guard, blocked her view. She crossed her arms, feeling herself become agitated. She did not want to walk into the hall, only to be introduced to a nobleman who would drag her into a pointless conversation about his lands, or the newest 'important' friends he had recently made.

"Come, come!" Finduilas said, hooking her arms into her sister's. "I thought you would already be in there."

Ivriniel sighed. Finduilas had practically screamed the palace down when she had told her little sister that she had met someone who had sparked an interest. "Why are you always so full of life?"

Finduilas looked up at her sister dreamily. "My life is complete," she said, resting her head on Ivriniel's shoulder. "The sea completes me. You know how much I love this land. I cannot bear being away from the shoreline for more than a week! Now, I have also found a man worthy to share my love."

Ivriniel smiled and took her arm out of her sister's. "You should not speak of such things, not yet anyway. You must speak to father about this matter beforehand."

Finduilas nodded obediently. "Yes, sister."

They sisters walked into the hall, where they were introduced. "Princess Ivriniel and Princess Finduilas of the House of Dol Amroth!"

"Do not leave me yet," Ivriniel said, snatching her sister's hand. "Not until I have found him."

Finduilas started fidgeting, having spotted Agoron talking merrily with Imrahil and another knight. "What does he look like?" she asked.

"Long, dark brown hair," Ivriniel answered, scanning the crowd. "A little bit shorter than our father, but has a proud stance."

"Oh please," Finduilas said wearily. "Half the men of this court match that description!"

Ivriniel giggled. "Go on then," she said, nudging Finduilas towards where Agoron stood. "Go and have fun, but do not do anything foolish."

Finduilas grinned and kissed her sister's cheek. "You have no idea how much I appreciate your understanding."

Not long after her sister had left, Ivriniel found Losdir standing out on an alcove, watching the waves crash against the seawall. She approached him quietly, not wanting to disturb his serenity.

He turned, seeing her dressed elegantly. "My lady," he said, bowing, "you look... beautiful."

Ivriniel blushed. "Thank you, my lord." She saw he was wearing the ceremonial outfit of a Swan Knight. "The colour suits you," she remarked, referring to the shades of blue.

Losdir grinned. "A colour I am not yet used to. The people in Pinnath Gelin wear mostly shades of green and other natural colours that you would find out in the wilderness."

"I may not have been to Pinnath Gelin, but I have heard that your father rules a land where the people life in a rather sophisticated life, despite being rather isolated from the rest of Gondor," she replied, leaning on the railing.

Losdir nodded. "My father tries very hard to keep the upstanding tradition of Gondor active in his lands. It is hard, as you have said we are isolated from the rest of Gondor. Nevertheless, the people there do enjoy learning lore. We have just recently built a library."

Ivriniel raised her eyebrows. "Truly?"

"Yes," he replied, smiling proudly. "It is not large, but it is sufficed. We have only several copies of the great books of our realm. We are petitioning to the Steward, requesting more copies on the history of our people."

"I am sure Lord Ecthelion will grant your peoples request," Ivriniel replied. "His son, Lord Denethor is known to be a man of lore himself."

"So I have heard," Losdir said, gazing at the moon that twinkled above the sea. "I have desired to see the City of Kings. It has been an aspiration of my father's for many, many years. He knows his duties will never allow him to leave Pinnath Gelin, so I intend of making the journey on his behalf."

"That is very generous of you," she said, running her fingers across the railing. "When do you intend of leaving?"

Losdir turned to look at her. "Not for a long time. My duties have me here for quite a while."

Ivriniel look up at him. "When do you leave for your first patrol?"

"Two days time," he replied proudly. "I am most eager to start my service."

Ivriniel nodded and turned her gaze to the sea. "I have only met you today, but it feels I have known you far longer. Do you have this affect on all the people you meet?"

Losdir chuckled softly. "I have a way with people."

"Yet you must have some flaws?" she asked, standing up straight. "Nobody is perfect." She placed her hands on her hips and took a step closer to him. "Tell me, my lord, what are your flaws?"

Losdir raised his eyebrows, bewildered. "I... uh. Well... I am not very good at keeping secrets."

Ivriniel laughed. "Truly? Well I am glad you informed me."

Losdir blushed deeply. "My older brother hates me for it. As we are the only children of our parents, he used to confide in me, though I would always end up telling our father."

"Why can you not keep secrets?" she asked, amused.

Losdir shrugged. "I honestly do not know, my lady. I suppose I have times where I do not think before I open my mouth. At times, I regret what I do, but other times it eludes me."

"Well, that is understandable," Ivriniel replied. "As I have said, nobody is perfect."

A ringing was heard from within the hall. Prince Angelimir was standing at the dais with his son beside him.

"I must depart," Ivriniel said. "My grandfather is about to make a speech, and I would hate to miss it."

Losdir nodded. "It was nice seeing you again, Lady Ivriniel."

Ivriniel smiled warmly at him. "My feelings stand the same as yours, my lord."

That night, as Ivriniel lay, tucked into her nice, warm bed, she could not help but think of a certain lord she had made acquaintances. He was kind, yet he admitted to his flaws. That was something so few noble lords would do, especially in front of a princess! She did not know how she expected her meetings with Losdir would turn in to. What she did know, was that she had at least made a new friend within the circles of the court. For one night's work, it was well done!


For those who do not know, Pinnath Gelin is an actual place in Gondor. It is north of Anfalas, up in the grasslands. Lord Hirluin is an actual character created by Tolkien. He fought in the defense of Minas Tirith during the war, and sadly did not survive.


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