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International Legolas Month
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To be sung (loudly, and preferably off-key) to the tune of Tom Lehrer's "National Brotherhood Week." If I thought he'd ever see this, I would apologise profoundly to Prof. Lehrer for the liberty I take, but I suspect I'm fairly safe there...

I should also point out that I count myself among the squee-est of Legolas' fangurlz and have been known both to read and to write Legolas/OFC fic; so if anyone is having the mickey taken out of them here, it's me :)


Oh, the dwarf fans
Won't read Elf fics
And the Elf fans
Won't read Dwarf fics;
Hobbit-lovers don't read Orc fics
And no-one loves the Uruk-Hai. But in inter-
national Legolas Month,
'national Legolas Month,
Go read some Leg-fic though you thought you'd seen your millionth;
The birthday drabblers
Are not mere dabblers;
We're going to make you love the fangurlz' fave!

Now Avon
Asked for friendship,
And Aranel, Leggy romance
(You might have thought that she had no chance;
After all, this is Henneth-Annun!) But in inter-
national Legolas Month,
'national Legolas Month,
Enough blond Elf to last the squee-est fangirl a twelvemonth;
Elessar more your bag,
Greenleaf just makes you gag?
You can tolerate him if you try...

Though you swear that "Prince of Mirkwood/
OFC just doesn't work", should
We promise just to let you lurk, would
You give the birthday fic a try? It's inter-
national Legolas Month,
'national Legolas Month,
More buff Elf fanfic though the Web has seen its zillionth;
Thranduilion's everywhere,
With perfect braids in hair -
It only lasts a month, so have no fear;
Be grateful that it doesn't last all year!


Lyrics to the original National Brotherhood Week can be found here and he can be seen performing it here.


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