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'Neath Anor, Ithil, and Gil
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The King Surprises

For Linda Hoyland, Tiggersk8, AnnMarwalk, and Lady Roisin for their birthdays--a true drabble for each. And thanks to RiverOtter for the beta.


The New King Surprises

“How strange,” Prince Imrahil commented quietly to his nephew. “Our new King walks through the Citadel with such certainty. It is as if he knew it well. It must be the foresight that it is said has ever been one of the gifts granted to the worthiest descendants of Númenor’s rulers.”

Faramir, who had divined far more than had his uncle of their Lord Elessar Telcontar’s past history, merely smiled. He would allow the King Restored to reveal his familiarity with Gondor in his own manner. Who was he to remove the veils yet hiding the past Lord Captain Thorongil?


The King and his Hobbit companions seemed to visit the most unusual places, Imrahil thought. He gave the page an inquiring look. “He has gone where?”

“If you please, my lord, he has taken Lord Samwise and Guardsman Peregrin to the kitchens. It appears that Lord Frodo has expressed a desire to eat some stewed mushrooms, and that only these two know how to prepare them properly to satisfy the Ringbearer’s appetite. And our Lord King will do all in his power to grant to Lord Frodo anything he might desire.”

And who would be more worthy of such concern?


Imrahil and the King’s companions watched as the new casket of lebethron Lord Elessar had ordered was placed before the King. The King took it up and examined it, and at last smiled. “It is as I desired,” he said quietly. “Truly a work worthy of an heirloom of my house brought from Númenor itself.” He turned to the kinsman he’d named Master of the Privy Purse. “Please pay him the agreed sum.”

From a drawer he pulled out a lumpish bundle of grey rags. Guardsman Peregrin blanched as the rags fell away to reveal...

Imrahil breathed, “A palantir!


Faramir and his uncle relaxed in Faramir’s chambers with a glass of wine. “Who would have dreamed of it?” the Prince of Dol Amroth said as he set his goblet upon the table. “A new King, a new age of the Sun, a new Steward for Gondor. And we see dreams and legends rise out of the northlands to grace our lands--the Heir to Isildur, Pheriannath, Elves, Dwarves....”

He shook himself. “If only your brother and father were here to share the wonder with us,” he added softly.

“Indeed,” Faramir said in return. “I miss both so.”


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