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Just a Simple Mistake
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Title: Just a Simple Mistake
Author: Sivan Shemesh
Beta: Ravenswing
Rate: T
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warning: Angst/violence. Missing scenes. Friendship/Family drama. Overreacting. AU.
Summary: Lord Elrond and the twins blamed him. How could he look at his friend's face once again? It was his fault and he knew it.


Chapter 1: Guilty

Looking at the still form of his friend, lying back in the snow, the elf felt his knees, hit the hard cold ground as he collapsed at his friend’s side, mumbling for his forgiveness.

"I am sorry…I did not mean to…" Legolas mumbled as his eyes locked upon his friend's form.

Seeing the crimson stain that covered his friend's clothes; panic drove the elf, not knowing what to do as guilt consumed his mind.

It was so fast, Legolas tried to recollect what had happened, he never felt the presence that moved behind him, until hands touched him.

Elladan and Elrohir saw the bloody sword that lay next to Legolas’ feet; they also saw the still form of their foster brother, and the blood that dripped from his body.

Elrohir stood in shock, not knowing what to do or how to act, while an outraged Elladan moved closer to the prince. He shook him and ranted, with a voice filled with accusation… “What were you thinking?"

Without waiting for an answer the distraught elf pushed Legolas aside, and with the help of his twin carefully carried his wounded brother to their horses.

Elladan mounted his stallion, waiting for his brother to settle the man before they rode toward Imladris. Elladan gave one last brief glance at Legolas who seemed lost in a trance, still in the same position that they found him.

Elladan momentarily hesitated, part of him knew he had to ride with his brothers, his father’s care was now crucial to Aragorn’s survival; but part of him wished to stay and console his long term friend. The decision was made for him when, after what seemed like long moments, he heard his twin’s voice...

"Elladan!" Elrohir called, his voice seemed to catch his brother's mind. "Elladan, we must go, he is growing weaker than he was."

With that, Elladan moved Amur toward his brother and they reined their horses towards Imladris' border, leaving Mirkwood's prince alone in the cold.

Legolas found himself staring at his blood drenched sword, not certain of what he should do next, as guilt riddled his mind, blinding him to everything around him, uncertain where he should go, or what he should do.

He swallowed the lump in his throat, his hands grabbed the sword, and he returned it to its place.

Walking, shoulders slumped, towards his horse; he mounted and headed toward Imladris, silently praying that Aragorn was still alive.



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