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'Neath Anor, Ithil, and Gil
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Summoning the Grey Company

Two true drabbles, the first written for Julchen and Rhyselle, the second for Starlight--for their birthdays. Beta by RiverOtter.


Summoning the Grey Company


The Elf appeared suddenly within the Dúnedain camp, startling most of the Men.

“How...?” began Faradir.

Halbarad held up a hand to still his fellow. Addressing the grey cloaked Elf: “You are a messenger?”

The Elf’s voice was slow, accented. “I was sent to summon you to Rohan. Your Lord Chieftain--he has need for you. It is time to ride to war.”

“Berestor--bring food....”

A slight smile. “Nay--I must away. But go swiftly.” And he was gone.

The Men exchanged glances. “At last,” Halbarad breathed, “the time comes. Aragorn shall be made King, and the riven kingdoms reunited!”



A day’s ride from Rivendell, the Grey Company was met by a party from the Last Homely House, including the children of Elrond.

“We, too, ride to war at our brother’s side,” announced Elladan, leading his twin to join the Men.

Arwen, holding forth a furled standard, beckoned to Halbarad. “Long have I labored over this for my belovèd. Please, bear it to him.”

Halbarad accepted it. “It is said, should he who first bears the King’s standard fall, yet the battle will be won.” He inhaled, met her eyes. “For his sake, and yours--I would do so gladly.”


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