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'Neath Anor, Ithil, and Gil
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Concerns Voiced

For Dwimordene for her birthday.


Concerns Voiced

“I am not certain what problems you foresee when Tar-Palantir dies, cousin,” Amandil suggested to his kinsman. “The Lady Míriel is intelligent and filled with compassion and wisdom. She will serve well as ruler of Andórë.”

“And who will serve to see to it that the throne is kept safe from those who would force her to marry against her will? There has been talk of arranging a marriage with the son of one of the rulers of Umbar or Pelargir or the Falas. Would you see one of those who forsook Númenor be made her consort?”

Amandil felt unexpectedly alarmed, not at the retelling of such news, for such was common enough knowledge; but the anger he heard in his kinsman’s voice disturbed him rather more than he’d expected. “I do not see any difficulties. These are all kinsmen of ours, and nobles in their own right. Certainly they have as much respect from those of our land as does any prince of the Island itself. Nor is there any hint any would force her into an unwanted marriage. I have attended upon her as she’s received these lords and have heard them in council with our beloved Tar-Palantir. I have seen no stain of dishonor in any of them.”

“But it is said that there are those within Umbar who are in collusion with the one who styles himself the Lord of Middle Earth.”

“Not from the houses of their rulers, however. Our King has sent emissaries from his court to investigate, and they have not found any evidence of any sort to indicate those who rule Pelargir or the Falas have ever trafficked with the one they call Sauron. As for Umbar....” He stopped, less certain, before continuing, “But our Lady has told me herself she is not in any way drawn to the lord from Umbar. She finds him shallow and lacking in curiosity and imagination. I believe she said she would rather marry you than him.”

Later he was to question the expression he saw in his kinsman’s eyes in response to that statement, when he learned that his cousin had brought his own men to the capital and staged a revolt, and had taken his kinswoman Míriel to wife against law or custom--and reportedly against her will--and then named himself Ar-Pharazôn, the Golden King.

My beloved cousin--what is it you have done to our land and her rightful Queen?


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