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Isabeau's Drabbles
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Written for the B2MeM09 Day Four Prompt:
What is a role model to you? Do role models require certain qualities for you? How should people relate to their role models?


"I have to write this…essay, you see," Brand confided to his uncle, as they paced the halls of the Steward's House. It was two days before Faramir's wedding. "About my role model. Not that I even write very good yet! So I thought I would ask you about your role model."

They stopped in front of a portrait of a big, powerful, man with a broad, white smile, clad in the silver and sable of Gondor. "This is the portrait Uncle Imrahil told you about," the Steward of Gondor said with a smile. "Your father, when he was Captain General."

Brand studied the picture for a long moment. Boromir seemed ready to burst from the frame, so vital was he. "Was he your role model?" he asked Faramir. His uncle nodded.

"One of them. I envied his easy open way with his men, or anyone really. I also envy Uncle for the same reason to this day. But mostly I envied his confidence. He never seemed to doubt himself." Faramir looked down for a moment. "My father is another of my role models," he said softly. Brand pricked up his ears at this, for no one seemed to want to talk about his grandfather Denethor. "For his keen intellect and absolute devotion to Gondor."

His great-uncle the Prince was easy to talk to in his turn. "My father, who was wise and temperate," Imrahil said without seeming to have to think about it at all. "My mother, who had a great heart and always saw clearly into the hearts of others. My late wife, for her love of learning and family. And Andra, whose honor is absolute."

Andrahar was not so swift to answer. "I do not know, Brand, I do not think of such things much as a rule. As a bastard son, it would be presumptuous to model myself after my father…I suppose that I have always admired Kedara, from the poem, who kept his oaths unto death. Prince Adrahil, if I must name names, for he was the model of a proper lord. And Imrahil, who is another of the same, and so much better than he could have been."

"My father," Lady Hethlin told Brand, when they were taking a break between rounds. "Because he was a great Ranger, and I always wanted to be one. My mother, because there were times I wanted to be more like her, even though I couldn't seem to manage it. Captain Faramir, because he was the best leader of men I know, and I hope to be like him one day. And Captain Mablung, because he's also a good leader, good at lots of different things, and very wise on top of it all."

Brand's essay was very long, somewhat incoherent and rather blotted, but his teacher was very pleased nonetheless. It was the first time the boy had approached any of his written assignments with anything resembling enthusiasm.

"Four role models, when I only asked for one. Well done, Brandmir!"


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