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Tales from Halabor
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This series contains independent vignettes featuring Halabor, an imaginary little Gondorian fishing and merchant town that lies on the western bank of the Anduin, opposite Cair Andros. For years, I wrote similar vignettes in the form of an Advent calendar, but the stress to produce a new story for each of the twenty-four days of Advent was getting too much. So I decided to write and post future Halabor vignettes in irregular intervals, whenever inspiration would hit.

Those who are familiar with Halabor will no doubt find names and characters they have seen before. But there will also be new ones. In a town with 700-1000 inhabitants, there are many stories to tell. Unlike in earlier cases, there is no common story frame for these vignettes, save from the fact that they all take place in Halabor. The only other common aspect they contain is that most of them mainly feature young Lord Herumor, the heir of the Lord of Halabor, in various situations where he is getting familiar with his future duties and subjects.

Some basic background info for those still unfamiliar with the settings: In the beliefs of the Old Folk, Nurria is the local equivalent of Yavanna. The Old Folk are the people who lived in Gondor before the arrival of the Númenóreans – and that most likely made up the major part of the local population. I made them related to the people of Bree (from afar), which is why they use the Bree-calendar and the same names for the months or the days of the week. The names they bear are usually old Cornish or Celtic names – I could not come up with so many original ones on my own, and I wanted them to have linguistically related ones.

To make it easier for my readers to find their bearings, I will eventually post a timeline and a list of the most important characters, places, guilds, etc. Some of those can already be found on the Otherworlds discussion board.

Welcome to Halabor and enjoy your stay!



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