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Edhellond Anniversary Drabbles
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When You Are With Me

Disclaimer: All places and persons belong to Professor Tolkien whom I greatly admire. This was written for the simple joy of writing. No copyright infringment intended, no money made.
Rating: General, suitable for all.
Series: Flickers on the Water
Archiving: my website and Edhellond. Everyone else: please, ask first.
Summary: Once again, it is the anniversary of the sack of Sirion. Celebrķan knows where to look for Elrond. Almost-triple-drabble, 287 words.

Dedication: to Lady Masterblott, a jewel among beta readers, for Edhellond's 5th anniversary.

Beta read by Cirdan, thanks!


She woke up in the middle of the night to an empty feeling at her side. Reaching out for him, she found his side of the bed vacant. Her sharp Elven eyes adjusted to the starlit darkness and saw that his robe was no longer hung over the back of the chair. As his side of the bed was cold, he must have been gone for quite some time.

She sighed and rose, wrapping herself into the light grey robe woven by her mother's handmaids in the Golden Wood. With swift, practiced moves, she twisted her long silver hair into a loose knot and hurried out of their bedchamber. She had just realized that it was that time of the loa again. She knew where to look for him.

And there he stood, upon the highest balcony of the Last Homely House, staring at the night sky. Dawn was not far; his eyes were turned eastwards, where the golden ship of Arien would soon sail above the upper waters.

"'Tis strange," he said without turning to her, knowing that she would be there for him like she always has been. "One would think that as the son of the Evening Star I would be drawn to the night. But my brother chose to become a mortal Man, and though I remained with the Firstborn, I often find myself more at home during the sunlit day. Could it be that I have made the wrong choice?"

"Do you believe you have?" she asked quietly.

He turned to her now and looked at her with a smile full of love.

"Not when you are with me," he replied and kissed her in the glowing light of the new day with gratitude.

~The End~


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