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Edhellond Anniversary Drabbles
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Heroes and Heartbreak

Disclaimer: All places and persons belong to Professor Tolkien whom I greatly admire. This was written for the simple joy of writing. No copyright infringement intended, no money made.
Rating: General, suitable for all.
Series: Sons of Gondor
Archiving: my website and Edhellond. Everyone else: please, ask first.
Summary: Éowyn ponders over the sons of Denethor and what they might mean for her life. Triple-drabble. 306 words.

Dedication: to Altariel, for Edhellond's 5th anniversary.

Beta read by Isabeau, thanks!


She often watched him from her room in the Houses of Healing. People said that he was different from his brother; yet even though she had only met Boromir once, Éowyn thought that Faramir was not. They were both noble and brave, she could tell that, and although she had more in common with the older brother, now lost, she knew that Faramir was a man of great strength and wisdom as well. And knowing how much Boromir had loved him, she also understood that he must indeed be worthy of love.

Regardless of what men – even her own brother – might think, Éowyn of Rohan had not fallen head over heels in love with Aragon, the perhaps future King of Gondor. She admired him, as Faramir had said, as a young soldier admired a great warlord. And while she grieved for Boromir, whom she might have wed had Denethor's plans come to fulfilment, she was glad that the Captain-General had not lived to see the return of the King. Boromir had been bred and trained to become what he would never have become after Aragorn's arrival: the supreme ruler of the South-kingdom.

Faramir would adapt more easily, she thought. He had never been meant to rule, only to support. He would make a good Steward to a King returning into his own, a king who was a stranger to his own kingdom. Boromir would never have made a good Steward. He had been born to be a Ruling Steward. And that was a great difference.

And where did that leave her? With Boromir, whom she had valued as a possible friend and ally, she would have become the Queen of Gondor in all ways but the title. Mayhap with Faramir, whom she had grown fond of, she might simply be happy one day. If she only had the courage to reach out to him…

~The End~


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