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Edhellond Anniversary Drabbles
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Dorwinion Red

Disclaimer: All places and persons belong to Professor Tolkien whom I greatly admire. This was written for the simple joy of writing. No copyright infringment intended, no money made.
Rating: General, suitable for all.
Series: Starlight on Leaves
Summary: Faithful old servants are allowed to make mistakes - even in Mirkwood. Double drabble set during "The Hobbit", 225 words.

Dedication: to the Wild Iris, my fellow Thranduil champion, for Edhellond's 5th anniversary.
Beta read by Makamu, thanks!


When Old Galion failed to appear in the Elvenking's study, Thranduil could have sent Rhimlath to fetch him or any other servant. Yet the King chose to go to the cellars in his royal person only to find his butler and the chief of the guards deep in drunken stupor.

Silinde, the Captain of the King's archers, who had accompanied her lord on this particular "scouting mission", ducked involuntarily, expecting one of Thranduil's famous temper tantrums. After all, not only had these two sampled the King's own highly valued Dorwinion Red, they had also managed to fall asleep while still on duty.

To her surprise, though, the King gestured for her to be silent, and the two of them left the cellars on tiptoes, as not to wake up the intoxicated sleepers. Silinde found that unnecessarily lenient. She said so in no uncertain terms. But the King laughed.

"Old Galion has served me and all my forefathers faithfully since before the coming of the Sun and the Moon," he said fondly. "I deem he is allowed to fall asleep on duty from time to time. However," he added wit a fey glint in his eyes, "the chief guard will live on bread and water for the next moon to keep his senses sharp."

~The End~


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