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'Neath Anor, Ithil, and Gil
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A Hobbit's Tale

A Hobbit's Tale

Bilbo Baggins was a Hobbit,

a clever Hobbit, a stubborn Hobbit,

till Gandalf sought to goad the Hobbit

who lived there in Bag End.


Oh, Bilbo Baggins went a-questing,

seeking fortune, testing courage.

With Dwarves and Wizard he went a-faring

and proved himself a friend.


Beneath the mountains he knew capture,

fled from goblins, found a treasure.

In the dark he traded riddles,

there by Gollumís lake.


Oh, Bilbo Baggins flew with Eagles,

taunted spiders, haunted cellars,

stuffed Dwarves in barrels and rode the river

all for friendshipís sake.


Our Bilbo Baggins teased a Dragon,

stole a cup and found a great gem,

chided Thorin and counseled wisdom,

and selfishness defied.


With his sword he faced the goblins,

stood by Elf-lords, braved great danger.

He saw the victíry and wept by Thorin

as that Dwarvish hero died.


Home he went with gold and silver,

sword and secret, confidence garnered.

Dwarf friend, Elf friend, loved by Wizards,

to Bag End he returned.


The auction halted, he took possession,

ousted pretenders, irked his cousins.

His heart he found now sought for knowledge,

and his imagination burned.


Then in time he found a true heir,

took him in and fed his ardor.

To Rivendell his way he wended;

the Ring he left behind.


By Frodoís side he rode to Mithlond,

boarded grey ship, one last adventure.

They sailed with Elves to EressŽa,

their healing for to find.


In Elvenhome they both found comfort,

fulfillment knew, their Lights recovered.

And Bilbo smiled to see renewal

find his Frodo-lad once more.


And he in peace at last looked Westward,

gave his thanks, his farewells taken,

eased in heart that Frodo lingered

upon that healing shore.


And so at last he met his Maker,

his soul rejoiced, his songs he offered.

His heir possessed his soul in patience

as hope within him grew


Until the day when with the dawning

another ship brought Sam to join him.

Treasure restored, they knew thanksgiving

till to Bilboís side they drew.


Bilbo Baggins was a Hobbit,

a wise old Hobbit, a faithful Hobbit.

The Lights in Sam and Frodo he nurtured,

there within Bag End.


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