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Isabeau's Drabbles
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Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush

Written for the P Like a Pink Pippin prompt for the 2007 B2MEM. A true quadrabble.

MEFAs, 2007:
2nd Place-Genres: Romance: Other Fixed-Length Ficlet


Diamond of Long Cleeve had grown up into a most becoming lass, Pippin decided, watching as her sixth partner of the evening twirled her through the dances. Hair of an unusual deep brown color, eyes of sparkling green, a form that from the top of her curly head to the tips of her delicate toes could only be described as perfection. And rumor had it she was an excellent cook! Despite her temper, she was a lass who would never lack for suitors.

The dance ended, to much applause and a rill from the musicians that indicated they were going to break for a bit. Hobbits melted off the dance floor, to re-congregate by the refreshment tables. Merry was already there, talking to Paladin. Pippin started over, only to be confronted by a frowning Diamond with flashing eyes.

"Pip Took. Are you too good to dance with me, now you're a lord of that Gondor place?"

"No, Diamond, I couldn't get the chance!"

"A likely story! You never even greeted me this evening! You've been among those Big Folk so long, you've forgotten your manners!"

The knight of Gondor took his chastisement like a proper hero. "I am sorry, Diamond. But you were dancing almost from the moment you arrived. I never had the chance." His arm was seized.

"You may make amends now then. Come with me!" He found himself being drawn away from the party, into the gardens around Crickhollow.

"What are you doing?"

"Be quiet!"

Diamond was obviously hunting for something and soon she found it, a mulberry bush heavy with fruit.

“Do you remember the last time we were together behind a mulberry bush? You kissed me.”

“Yes! And you boxed my ears!”

Pippin found himself being dragged behind it and kissed with a fervor that left him breathless. "That's the very least I'll do to you, should you look at another lass!" And she proceeded to expound upon the other, decidedly wicked things she intended to do to him, “…when you are mine!”.

They were a long time returning to the party. When they did, Diamond was immediately descended upon and carried off to the dance, leaving a somewhat shaken Pippin. He went in search of some liquid fortification and found Merry by the drinks table. His cousin raised an eyebrow.

“Pippin! Whatever is wrong with you? You’re as pink as that rosebush over there!”


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