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No Man's Child
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Author's Notes (Character List and Source Material)

~ List of Characters ~

Bachor – bachor – "pedlar", member of the Angle's council

Curudir - curu – "skill", dir - "man" = skilled man, friend of Master Maurus

Elesinda – servant to the Lady Nienelen

Gelir – "merry" – youngest son of Pelara, Ranger

Halbarad – hal – "tall", barad – "tower" = "tall tower", kinsman to Aragorn and Ranger of the North

Herdir – herdir – "master", reeve to Lord Aragorn

Linmir – lin –"to sing," mír – "jewel" = "a jewel as if to sing", wife of the smith of Emyn Unial

Landir – tanner and Elder of the Council

Lothel – loth – "flower", êl – "star" = "star flower", granddaughter to Pelara

Mahtan - A great smith of the Noldor, for which the smith of the Angle was named

Maurus – maur – "gloomy", rusc – "fox" = "gloomy fox", Elder of the council of the Angle

Melendir – "melen" past participle of melant – "to love" –dir - "man" = "loved man", father of Nienelen

Melethron – noun- masculine – "lover", Ranger of the Angle

Nesta – nestad- "healing", Healer of the Angle

Nienelen –grief or mourning as in (nienna – Vala of mourning), (Nienor – "mourning" sister of Turin) Elen – star = "mourning star"

Pelara –Pele "fence", ara – "high/noble" = "noble fence/guard", Master Maurus' daughter, once servant and aide to the Lady Gilraen

Sereg – sereg = "blood" plowman of the wanderers

Tanaes – tân – "maker", aes – "meat" "maker of meat", the butcher of the Angle, former Ranger

Tanril - tân – "maker" , ril – "brilliance" = "maker of brilliance", wife of the Angle's smith, metal worker in her own right

~ Sources ~


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