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White Tree Lore
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White Tree Lore

Telperion: The elder of the Two Trees of Valinor. Made by Yavanna to light Valinor. The birth of the Two Trees marked the beginning of the Time of the Trees. Located with its mate Laurelin at the Mound of Ezellohar, before the Western Gates of Valmar, Valinor. Killed by Melkor and Ungoliant in Year of The Trees 1495. The last flower of Telperion was made into the Moon. The last fruit of Laurelin was made into the Sun.

Galathilion: The White Tree of Tirion, an image of Telperion except that it does not give off light, made by Yavanna in Year of the Trees 1142 as a gift to the Elves of Valinor, located in the court beneath Mindon Eldaliéva, the Tower of Ingwë, Tirion, Valinor.

Celeborn: The White Tree of Tol Eressëa, a seedling of Galathilion. Located in the central regions of Tol Eressëa. Celeborn translates to The Tree of Silver.

Nimloth: The White Tree of Númenor, a seedling of Celeborn. Located in the King’s Court, Armenelos, Númenor, Nimloth was a gift of the Eldar to the people of Númenor. At Sauron’s urging Nimloth was cut down and burned, the first victim sacrificed in Sauron’s temple of Morgoth. (3310 Second Age?) Nimloth translates to White Blossom.

The White tree of Minas Ithil: A seedling of Nimloth. Before Sauron killed and burned Nimloth, he had a guard set about the tree so none might approach it. Isildur stole a fruit of Nimloth despite the guards, and was sorely wounded in the doing. (3309 Second age?) This fruit was planted and Isildur’s wounds were healed when the tree sprouted. This seedling was taken to Middle-Earth by the Exiles and planted in Minas Ithil 3320 Second Age, before the house of Isildur, in honor of his rescuing the fruit of Nimloth. Sauron burned this White Tree when he took Minas Ithil in 3429 Second Age.

The White Tree of Minas Anor I: A seedling of the White Tree of Minas Ithil, taken by Isildur when he was forced to abandon the city to Sauron’s forces. He planted it in the Court of the Citadel of Minas Anor in the year 2 Third Age in memory of his younger brother Anárion, who died in the siege of Barad-dûr. This tree died in 1636 Third Age, when the Great Plague ravaged Gondor and Arnor, killing King Telemnar and his children.

The White Tree of Minas Anor II: A seedling of the Previous White Tree planted in the Court of the Citadel of Minas Anor by King Tarondor in 1640 Third Age. This tree died 2852 Third Age, leaving no seedling. It was left standing against the hope that the King would return. When the new seedling was found and planted in its place, the old tree was laid to rest in Rath Dínen, the burial place of Gondor’s Kings, Ruling Stewards and Heroes.

The White Tree of Minas Tirith: Found as a seedling June 25, 3019 Third Age, in a high hallow, on the slopes of Mount Mindolluin, by Gandalf & King Elessar. Likely from a fruit that had been planted in years forgotten. Transplanted to the Court of the Citadel of Minas Tirith.


The date of the Making of Galathilion is from HoME X, the Annals of Arda. Other information on Galathilion is from The Silmarillion: Of Eldamar. The Celeborn Information is from The Silmarillion: Of Eldamar and Akallabêth. The Nimloth information is from The Silmarillion: Akallabêth. The information on the White Tree of Minas Ithil and the planting of the First White Tree in Minas Anor is from The Silmarillion: Of The Rings of Power in the Third Age. The rest of the Information on the White Trees of Minas Anor is from The Tale of the Years, Appendix B of the Lord of the Rings. The information on the White Tree of Minas Tirith is from The Steward and the King: Return of the King. The dates when Isildur stole the fruit of Nimloth, and Nimloth’s subsequent murder and burning are an estimate. No exact dates are given, but the Akallabêth places those events near the beginning of building the Great Fleet of Ar-Pharazôn.


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