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Isabeau's Drabbles
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Almost as good as...

A quadrabble written for the HA Online Slash Challenge in honor of the 30th anniversary of slash.


He had wondered at times what it might be like to fight side by side with his beloved. Long-partnered with Imrahil, the two of them seldom needed words on the battlefield to co-ordinate their actions. He’d expected that it would not, could not be so seamless with Boromir.

The unexpected raid on the marches while Boromir had been in Dol Amroth for a conference with the lords of Western Gondor had given Andrahar the opportunity to go into battle with the Captain-General, who had borrowed a war-horse and ridden forth with him. Boromir had been most pointedly insistent, which made Dol Amroth’s Armsmaster wonder if he had not been as curious about the matter as had Andrahar.

Now they both knew. It had taken perhaps a minute’s adjustment before the two of them were fighting together as if they’d done so all their lives. Andrahar was on the shield-man’s side and did his best to cover Boromir, who admittedly was usually more comfortable fighting on foot than a-horse. But he made up in sheer brute strength what he lacked in finesse, cleaving a path into the heart of the enemy’s forces. They were two finely honed killing machines, operating in perfect tandem, and it was not long before the enemy broke and ran.

Leaving them in the exhilarating aftermath of battle, with the joyous realization that they were alive and unscathed. And with another reaction which was not uncommon, and which, unfortunately, they could do nothing about in the near future. Rueful realization set in as black eyes met grey, and Boromir leaned from his saddle to grasp Andrahar’s forearm.

“Well fought, Uncle!” he said aloud, well aware of the eyes and ears intent upon them. “I shall be pleased to tell Father that the Swan Knights are as
doughty as they ever were!”

“Thank you, Lord Boromir. Gondor should take pride in her Captain-General as well.”

There was a twinkle in Boromir‘s eyes now and he leaned his head closer. “Captain, I would like to meet with you privately this evening and discuss some adjustments to our western strategy.”

Andrahar smiled his rarest, warmest smile. “I would be only too pleased to do so, my lord.”

Leaning closer yet, as if sharing a private joke, Boromir murmured “Valar, Andra, that was almost as good as…”

“Yes!” Andrahar agreed.

Later… their eyes promised each other. Later there will be joy.


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