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The Sword of Elendil
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List of Characters

List of characters (age at time of opening of story, September 30, 2951)

Dúnedain of the North

Aragorn (20), Heir of Isildur, son of Arathorn (d. 2933) and Gilraen

Beleg (78), Ranger captain, Aragorn's uncle by marriage to Ariel, Arathorn's sister (d. 2940 in childbed w. infant son)

Daeron (49), Ranger captain, master-at-arms

Damrod (22), Ranger

Dírhael (89), Aragorn's grandfather, Ranger captain

Fíriel (14), a servant girl

Gilraen (43), daughter of Dírhael and Ivorwen, Aragorn's mother

Goenor (148), Ranger

Halbarad (23), Hallor's son, Aragorn's second cousin

Hallor (102), acting chieftain, grandson of Argonui by Nimlach (Arador's older sister), Arathorn's first cousin.

Hawk, aka Herion (81), Ranger captain

Ingold (126), Ranger captain

Iorlas (35), Aragorn's uncle, Gilraen's brother, Ranger

Ivorwen (72), daughter of Gilbarad, Aragorn's grandmother, midwife, warden of the Commons

Lalaith (5), daughter of Iorlas and Ríannon, Aragorn's cousin

Malbeth (24), Hawk's grandson, Ranger and minstrel

Ríannon (31), Iorlas's wife, Aragorn's aunt by marriage

Rodnor and Rodnion (13), Hawk's twin grandsons, Rangers in training

Saelind (176), Aragorn's great-grandmother, wife of Argonui, mother of Arador, grandmother of Arathorn, Ariel and Hallor

Elves of Rivendell

Arwen, Elrond's daughter

Elladan, elder twin son of Elrond

Elrohir, younger twin son of Elrond

Elrond Halfelven

Vindis, a lady of Elrond's household


A Black Númenorean

Cobin Graywacke (24), a Breelander


Hillmen of Rhudaur




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