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Warning: Mention of character death, OOC for incase, and tissues are probably needed.

Note: Legolas Greenleaf (his elvish name) is only a baby. A short vignette.


Thranduil was awakened by Greenleaf's hands moving over his chest, tickling him. Thranduil lowered his head, and noticed the smile that was upon his elfling's face, and he smiled too.

That morning, Thranduil spent the entire day with his son along with Galdor's instructions.

Soon Thranduil found himself more and more attached to his son, for he adored Greenleaf's smile, his hair, and the gray-blue eyes; he prayed to the Valar, that his son's eyes would always stay blue.

He laid Greenleaf on a small bed next to his own, and watched as his son slept peacefully as nothing disturbed his peace.

Thranduil watched till he could feel the tiredness draw to him.

In his mind, Thranduil saw his wife's face, he saw her lips move, but no voice came, so he imagined to himself what she was trying to say. He thought that perhaps she needed him too.

Unnoticed, the king felt more and more drowned in grief, as his wife's face appeared in his mind every night.

And yet every morning, when Greenleaf screamed and cried, it seemed that the elfling was letting him know that he was still there.

As Thranduil woke, he moved his hands over his son, and started to talk to him and explain to him.

Thranduil watched as the maids entered the room and took his son from his hands; he observed them as they fed and cleaned his son. He smiled, a shy smile, for in his heart he knew how big was the broken promise.

Thranduil took his son again, looking into Greenleaf's face as he stroke his cheek, and whispered with smiles and tears that he loved him, and how he reminded him of his wife, simply by the look of his face...and then an idea sprang to his mind.

"Can you say 'Ada?'" Thranduil asked, giggling over his son and stroked his hair gently; it felt like silk.

"I am your Ada; can you say A-da?" Thranduil kept asking, but no word came from his son, only sounds of laughing.

Day by day, Thranduil kept asking his son; he felt the need to hear him say the word, yet no word came...until the day unexpected visitors came.

Thranduil held his son, and kept asking for the word. Galdor came in, and let the king know.

"My king, visitors of Imladris have come, and ask about your health," Galdor spoke.

Thranduil walked over to his guard, wanting Galdor to guard him. As he did so, the elfling spoke.


End of Chapter 4.


I want to thank for my beta - Niroveka for beta-work


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