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Sons of Twilight and Starlight
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A short introduction

Disclaimer: The characters, the context and the main plot belong to Professor Tolkien, whom I greatly admire. I’m only trying to fill in the gaps he so graciously left for us, fanfic writers, to have some fun.

Dedication: To Ithilwen, as an excuse for the constant ranting about the Valar’s behaviour in my reviews to your Maedhros-series. I hope you’ll forgive me eventually.


(Written for the first posting of this story.)

This is only a short excerpt of what will become a later chapter of my Glorfindel story, “A Tale of Never-Ending Love”. That chapter will explain when and how Glorfindel was given the job to support and defend Eärendil’s descendants. You don’t have to read the actual story to understand this one – though I would greatly appreciate if you did. ;)

This little tale deals with the aftermath of the War of Wrath – from Eönwë’s point of view (he was called the Herald of Manwë and was one of the mightiest of the Maiar, who led the Host of Valinor in the attack on Morgoth at the end of the First Age, should anyone have forgotten his name – could there be such ignorants at all?).

It was inspired by Michael Martinez’ article “Before the Númenóreans came”, which – among other things – discusses the War of Wrath and why the Valar hesitated so long to launch a direct attack on Morgoth so long. Now that I have accused them with total lack of compassion many times (Ithilwen could be the witness of that), I felt the need to show the other side of the coin as well.

Just one more thing. I know there’s an unspoken agreement that Glorfindel had returned to Middle-earth somewhen during the Second Age, in order to support the Elves in their war against Sauron. If there is any proof for that, then this little story is meaningless and should be considered as my imagination completely.

But if there isn’t any written proof to support that theory, then I find it more likely that he was sent back with the Host of Valinor – which contained armies of Vanyar, and I always considered Glorfindel as one of them – as an experienced warlord (he was in the Nirnaeth, after all, and defended Gondolin) and an expert on Balrog slaying. As far as I know, there was no other Elf who had a clash with a Balrog and returned from the death to tell the story.

Of course, this is pure speculation, and I tell it openly, before someone starts wielding the whole series of HoME against me. No, there is no proof for this. It’s possible that somewhere is some proof against my take. But you know what? I don’t really care. This story came to me in about two hours, and it sounded just too damn good to let it go again. How often do you get a story idea and a full first part of it dropped onto your lap out of nowhere? It doesn’t happen that often to me, for sure! :))

So, be warned of possible canon inaccuracies, and if that bothers you, do us both the favour and hit the Back button.

Otherwise, simply read and enjoy. I hope it would be worth it.




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