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Strange Encounters
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Writer's Dilemma

Of a Frustrated Fanfic Author

Disclaimer: We don’t own anything that has been created by Professor Tolkien. We just borrow everything for fun.

Rating: General

Soledad’s note: Some of the regular readers of “Strange Encounters” have repeatedly asked for Glorfindel. Well, the good Elf-Lord has refused to visit me so far. But he did visit my good friend Lasse-Lanta, and since we often share our plotcritters at Edhellond, she graciously agreed to post this wonderful little story as part of the series.


By Lasse-Lanta

It was only 8am and already the sun was heating the still late summer air. The atmosphere so humid you could ring the water from it. As I worked the soil of my garden slowly my tired senses became aware of the particularly pleasant song of birds in the woods at the edge of my yard. I stifled a gasp in startlement as I looked up and saw the beautiful creature that visits me on occasion, though it's been quite a while since his last appearance. He's tall and regal looking as he stands amid the green of the wood, blending with nature in his still calmness in the dappled shade. He beckons when he sees I've noticed him.

Great, he has such a talent for visiting when I look like crap, sweaty and covered in garden dirt.

"Hey, y'all." I give him the standard southern greeting as I walk into the cool of the shade. "Gildor, right?" I couldn't resist the dig.

Instead of the smart reply I expected the smile slid away from his sensuous lips and sadness settled in the dark blue of his eyes.

"Have I been gone so long you no longer know me?" He asked quietly.

I sighed heavily, yeah as if I could forget someone who niggled at my brain way too much; sometimes the humor was lost on them.

"No, no, I know it's you Glorfindel, just having a bit of fun."

"Fun... I see." He answered, but it was clear he didn't see the funny in it.

I stood looking at him, drinking in the sight. It's disgusting to be so gorgeous, wise, noble, unpretentious... and the best eye candy of the day.

Absently I began brushing dirt from my clothes and hands beginning to feel uncomfortable under his gaze. He doesn't mean anything by it, it's just the way of elves, but when someone so perfect gives you the once over you'd like to be in more presentable condition than I was presently, at the very least cleaner.

"So what brings you here this fine sunny day?" I asked finally.
He smiled then and turned to walk along the path into the woods caught my hand and pulled me along.

"Walk with me."

"Ok." Feeling self-conscience about my dirty hand; he didn't seem to mind so how could I refuse.

"I have come to tell you that others have missed your writing. I will help you conquer your writers block." His quiet melodious voice intoned.

"Have you been talking to Levade again?" I snickered. "I don't have writers block dear elf." He turned partially to me at the endearment, gave me a strange look but let it pass.

"I don't suffer from writers block but writer deprived of time. Plot bunny's hop merrily through my brain all the time I just can't get the time to get them on paper. Such it the stress of RL."


"Real life."

"Hmmmm, perhaps a vacation?" Was his suggestion.

"Nope, no can do, nada, to much on the plate."

"What language are you speaking this day?" He asked in annoyance. "It bears no resemblance to our converse in the past."

"Sorry," I grinned. "My list of duties is far too long for me to be able to take a vacation, that better?"

The Elf Lord was quiet for long minutes. "There must be a solution to this predicament, something that can be done to fetch you more time."

"How about a little kiss for inspiration?" It had just popped out, surprised me as much as it surprised him. It was that blasted 'Elf on a Shelf' website, with it's 'kiss an elf' section. The last time I visited there were all these exquisite elves but no Glorfindel, all because that damn movie chose to leave him out, what crap.

He stopped abruptly in his tracks at the suggestion and raised one finely shaped eyebrow in mimic of Elrond's quirk, I guess all that time together was rubbing off on him.

"Madam, you are married." He said simply.

"Yeah, he won't mind, it's all very innocent you know just research, besides he looks like you."

"Madam, your husband looks suspiciously like the Prince of Mirkwood, and I would mind were I he."

"Yes, yes, well it really is innocent and he sings like you do..." I said hopefully.
The tall Elven Lord sighed gently and looked as if I had asked for Asfaloth or something equally priceless.

"Don't be such a stick in the mud it's just a little kiss and don't call me madam, it sounds like I run a whore house."

He shook his head gently in disapproval, all that beautiful golden hair rippling around his shoulders making my knees weak at the sight.

"Oh for crying out loud, never mind. It's just that you said you were here to help and I'm sure it was Levade who asked for more writing about you. She's sweet and says such nice things and I hate to disappoint her.

"You know what my summer's been like." I continued, starting to get really worked up into a rant. " I haven't had two seconds to myself, no hikes in the mountains, no archery, no fencing. My house is torn to pieces for remodeling I can't find anything. It takes me a month to finish a book anymore, I've had only the garden for respite." I turned around quickly so that he wouldn't see the tears starting in my eyes.

"It's been work, work and more work..." I stopped suddenly as I felt gentle hands rest on my shoulders. They rubbed soothingly their strength reassuring.

I felt a little ashamed of the tirade, it's wasn't his fault and at least my monitor hadn't gone to shit, my computer hadn't crashed and I had a job, unlike some of my South Haven friends and their spouses.

"I'm sorry for unloading on you, I'm usually a very upbeat human, you know the glass is half full kind."

"You're speaking that strange language again, but I think I understand the meaning." He said softly. Then he leaned down and began to whisper to me, the warmth of his breath tickled my ear sending shivers down my spine.

"I, brought you the humming birds and the butterflies, not that upstart Gildor."

"Hey, careful, he runs the South Haven and the best group of people I've had the privilege with which to converse."

"Alright I'll give him that, but don't you think I care about you? You write so delightfully about me." I could feel the smile in his voice. "Look at the beauty of your flowers, delight in the birds and woodland creatures that grace your yard; and the season of falling leaves comes soon, is it not your favorite? Take joy in the little things, time and order will return to you again."

I couldn't answer him right away; I do have so much to be thankful for, even when I feel overwhelmed.

His hands turned me around to face him, the bright deep blue of his eyes sparkled with mischief. His fingers carefully wiped away the tears on my cheeks and before I could take another breath he leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Happy now." He stated. "And I have a thought," his smile deepened as he drew two rather lovely elven swords from a pair of scabbards I had failed to notice before. "A little fencing practice?"

Oh this was definitely going to be interesting.

The end – for now.


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