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Remember Me
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Remember Me

If homoerotic images of LOTR characters offend you, please refrain from flaming and click on by. Thanks.


Please remember me
When I am gone from here

Aragorn opened his eyes, waking up. He felt for the body of Legolas beside him. Unusually the elf was still asleep. Aragorn looked at him.

Please remember me
but not with tears…

This was the end. Our last night before Undómiel and her folk will arrive. Our last night together like this. You look so peaceful now, so fragile. And yet last night you had the strength of a desperate man. Oh, don’t I know how hard you held on to me last night, how you bored your nails into my flesh, how you claimed my mouth, my body, my soul, once and for all, before it’s all going to end?

Remember I was always true

We talked about it long ago. We knew it was not made to last. We knew it from the start, even though neither of us seemed to be much in control over anything in the beginning. Back then it seemed a natural thing to do, out in the wilderness, longing for that little bit more than friendship. I remember you arms around me, holding me gently. I remember your skin shimmering in the moonlight…

I never thought I would fall for you. But still I let it happen. I let you have, possess, take, touch, feel, taste, smell, see. We both let it grow, we fostered it, we lived it. Under the cover of darkness, under the starlight in Rohan, under the shining leaves in Lothlórien, under the full moon on the open fields.

Remember that I always tried

You called me melethron, and melethron I wanted to be for you. But before that I wanted to be your friend. Your brother. Your king.

Now all I shall have is memories.

Remember I loved only you

You will still live when the reign of King Elessar, Aragorn II is only a history record. And I could not bear having you watch me grow old, fade, die.

Others will come and take my place by your side. But no one can ever take your place.

Remember me and smile…

I will smile tomorrow, when she comes, and I know you will be there when I wed her. It pains me to think of it. But I will smile, even at you, for I want to remember you with a smile.

For it’s better to forget
Than to remember me
And cry…


"melethron" is Sindarin, meaning "lover, boyfriend"


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