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A Collection of Sindarin Tanka
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Mi ivr - In the Darkness

Mi ivrIn the Darkness
Im ereb mi vrn
Ir caim haill gdat enni.
Cuil na-erui l.
Ir ihl mabas ilith,
-nad daritha oni.
I am alone in the darkness
When invisible hands reach for me.
Life is but a dream.
When the wind carries the dust away,
Nothing will remain of me.

Illustration for the Sindarin tanka 'In the Darkness' by JunoMagic



Sindarin - "hall" is really "veiled"; that was as close to "invisible" as I got; "na-erui" is Neo-Sindarin according to Hiswelk; "mabo" means "to take (carry away)" in Neo-Sindarin according to David Salo; "-nad" meaning "not a thing" is a construction of my very own.

Tanka - This tanka refers to Gil-galad's death on the plains of Dagorlad, where he was (probably) reduced to ashes by Sauron's fire. But it may also refer to any houseless fe lost in Arda. It was inspired by "Sonnet in the Dark" by The Flash Girls.

Illustration - The images used in this collage are posted under a "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike" licence at Flickr. The open window is by Janesdead, the female figure by schizoo23 [rhha] and the walking figure between house and tree is by gebauer.


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