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Flickers on the Water
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Summary: After Sauron’s fall, Aulë is standing in the Ring of Doom, answering for his once closest associate. 100 words. This idea has been sitting in Edhellond’s Plotcritter Nest for quite some time.

Warning: Valarin names and weird footnotes. They are – with one exception – from the Ardalambion website. Knowing my story “Breaking the Light” might help.


The Mâchanumâz sat upon their thrones in Mâchananaškad, the Ring of Doom, and Achűlęz stood before them to answer for his House. For Rušuranaškad, his closest, had fallen into Darkness, and now there was great upheaval in Aţâraphelűn.

“How could that be,” Mânawenűz asked, “that he whose fire had burned the brightest, would fall for the Darkness?”

And Achűlęz replied in sorrow, “I know not, my King. But his heart was troubled, seeing the Lamps, the work of his hands, broken, their fire spilled and their light quenched.”

Yet Mânawenűz said, “’Twas his pride that caused his fall.”

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The Mâchanumâz are the most important Valar, called Aratari in Quenya.

Mâchananaškad, the Ring of Doom, is the place where the Aratari sit upon their thrones to judge those brought before them. It’s called Máhanaxar in Quenya, possibly based on the original Valarin name.

Achűlęz is the Valarin name of Aulë the Smith.

Supposed meaning for Rušuranaškad: “Ring of Fire” – yes, it is Sauron, though I have serious doubts that the name was created correctly. I am no linguist at all, so please bear with me.

Aţâraphelűn means "appointed dwelling" = Arda

Mânawenűz is the Valarin name of Manwë.


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