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Meril's Drabbles
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Impromptu Insta-Drabblings: March 25 & 27, 2005

The first two were written on the 25th, the second two on the 27th. Same drill: four random words into a drabble (or half drabble, if you wanted a real challenge).


Survival Skills - dash, balm, hutch, grass, nuisance


After applying a copious dash of balm to my ankle, I start towards the cluster of hutches on the grassy hillside. "Another new nuzgŻl, how do they expect me to survive?" I grumble. "Damned nuisances! I already have stories: Celebrimborís bugging me about Renewal, FŽanor will explode if I donít write more on Capture the Fire, and Nerdanel wonít talk to me! What gives?!

"And now another #%&*ing drabble! Honestly, how can I use these ridiculous words to talk about FŽanor?!"

I stop, eyeing a doe-eyed specimen that has just popped out of thin air.

"Oh, no you donít."

Turning - notice, square, sentence (missed on ritual)

No more needless deaths, I had vowed. Not while I live. Blades kill girls as easily as warriors, and it hurts none the less. Fortuneís circle (and fatherís favor) smiled, and my shieldmaidens became forces to notice and take pride in.

Now the circle turns to a hard winter bringing death and battle. I look around the square, half ashamed. Cwen and Geliefan are beside me, with their steadfast, unspoken loyalty.

Your fault, my peopleís silence accuses. Our sentence of exile to the Deep is because of you.

She is innocent, the silence of my shield-sisters retorts. She is innocent.

Gatherers - surrender, hammer, gleam, priority. Half drabble.

Everything reminds him of her. The half-finished sculpture, her drawings on the wall, a hammer sitting atop the gleaming pile of copper: everything she left behind, gathering both dust and his hatred.

Bitterness rises in his throat. Let her be damned, and let her "priorities" rot. I will not surrender.

Leave It Unspoken - fear, pain, death, sword

"It was madnessÖ"

Her brotherís voice broke the silence, and she flinched. It had been madness: nothing but pain, blood, her blade against her people, and the overwhelming fear that

this could be the end, oh Eru, why?
Look at the blood,
the bodies
Listen to the screams.

Motherís people, her kin,
my kin,
our kin.


Oh, Eru! Save us!
didnít know, didnít know, didnít
that it would be like this.

Heís bleeding
red blood
onto the white-white sand..

Sheís dying

Save meÖ

She shivered. "Leave it, Finrod. Do not talk about it."


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