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Not Just Any Celebration - Merry and Pippin

This was written in honor of Frodo and Bilbo's Birthday and had to include the words birthday cake, wine, fireworks, pipeweed, 111 and had to be 111 words long.


“Eleventy one bottles of wine on the wall, eleventy one bottles of wine…” Pippin crooned, lying on his back eyeing Gandalf’s wagon behind the tent.

“Pip, me lad, me thinks yer drunk!”

Merry stumbled, pitching forward, and narrowly missed the large birthday cake that someone had so thoughtlessly placed in his path. “Whoa! Where’d that come from?”

“And you think I’m drunk?” Pippin asked scowling. Searching his pockets and coming up empty he huffed, “Oh bother! Now where’s that pipeweed off to?”

“See, told you. You’re drunk as a Mirkwood elf.”

“I am not.”

Glowering at each other, suddenly common mischief flared in their eyes. In unison they turned, crying, “Fireworks!”


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