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In the Doldrums
 [1] Reviewer:Nargil Date:June 24, 2009 8:18 PM
Just what I needed after a day sneezing my head off!

I like this, it's angsty but doesn't get bogged down in itself. The bits we see between the two of them are right on target and I'm glad Andra's on the mend, he's had a rough run of it here. The fever works and ties in nicley with ultimaetums, he isn't just bouncing back from thisone. I think there may be one crew member who can appreciate dried peppers!

Thanks for the dedication and the fic,


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 [2] Reviewer:Isabeau Date:June 24, 2009 11:02 PM
A lovely piece. Andra's suffering is not dwelt upon, but its effect upon Imrahil comes through nonetheless. I'm glad that the action was spread over several days, it seemed to capture the aftermath of such a horrendous battle better that way. Even those who were not injured would be a while recovering from such a fight.

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 [3] Reviewer:nancylea57 Date:June 26, 2009 6:02 AM
the four of these mesh together so well and give such complex play of emotions and hopes. i like her comment about the pair of them being gentlemen, this is i think the way much of tolkien's friendships should be. they are each of them true to their own nature and able to enjoy and support each other in a complex and varied relationship that the rest of the world has little or no insight into, they act as though they care nothing about others opinions of the nature of the relationship and its true. . . none of anyone else's business. andra and imrahil are perfect as a couple and it is sorrowfull that they couldn't have made a better run at it but that is the nature of love, it never come to blossom. . . but it is always in the background. GO, GUYS!!!!!!

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 [4] Reviewer:illereyn Date:July 2, 2009 11:57 AM
This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you!

I particularly loved Imrahil's adept manipulation of Andra - it truly speaks of how long they've been together at this point

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 [5] Reviewer:Elena Tiriel Date:July 12, 2009 7:06 AM
Hi Dwim,

Sorry for not posting a review sooner, was really caught up in trying to finish my drabble-novel :-) in time for the MEFAs this year. (And I almost nominated In the Doldrums, but realized it was already there....)

This is an exquisite gem of a ficlet.

You convey so much about the character of both Imrahil and Andrahar in so few words, and the one-step-forward-and-two-back course of Andrahar's healing is a just a bit too true-to-life.... LOL!

You have a real knack for language; I feel as if I'm in the middle of the story, reacting as Imrahil does... and his reactions are spot-on natural. You capture the erratic passage of time so well, and how Imrahil's emotions range from despair to elation and everything in between, with more than a soupçon of pain and exhaustion folded in.

Some of the many bits that especially struck a chord in my heart:

The deck is still awash in the blood and little clots of blue tunics that are alike the detritus of war.

[Oh, dear... I should not have mentioned that one.... it just triggered a memory of a line from a fifth-rate disaster movie -- whose title I have mercifully forgotten, but is otherwise unforgettable, like a bad jingle, in its utter execrableness: "The decks are awash in testosterone." *headdesk*]

The waves wash against the hull in a long, whisper-hiss of time uncounted passing.

The sailor gives the Uinen charm he wears upon his wrist a kiss and signs her warding: dawn will see his Lady lay a loving eye on even their Southron, or else she'll keep them from his shade.

The watches of the night fall away like flesh from bones – useless measure before fevered dreaming.

He feels every grain of sand slide through the glass like a weight on his chest.

And none can say those buried this morn were not well sent forth, grieved with grace.

Another night and another soul passes. Imrahil hates his daybreak duty, and hates the gratitude that swells in his breast despite grief that at least it is not Andra. Not yet.

“What happened?” the other asks....
A blink. “Oh.” Then: “Idiot.”

Palarran is polite about his bad temper, and Andrahar fights the urge to break his teeth for it.

But that is a tiring thing, truly. Strange that he's never noticed before...

... the waves claw the hull.

Listless as a sick babe, Imrahil lies and would lie longer, but the day calls, and so does duty, and so he sighing rises.

... his brother is too much the honor that Harad instilled to refuse.
He watches that same knowledge work upon the other, who then takes his hand and kisses it....

And what might be my favorite line: The hours have come undone again: they stick and stay, drag by, reluctant to come or go.

Oh, dear, I think I just quoted a significant percentage of the story... will definitely have to rework this review for the MEFAs LOLOL!

There is one other thing that I hadn't realized until just now, when I re-read this story: in the rush to complete the last chapter of Fell and Fair before the nomination deadline, my muse demanded (with less than 12 hours to go *rolls eyes*) that I must write two chapters, and that the penultimate one had to feature a sea chanty from Tol Eressëa.... Write music? Me??????

Well, I just figured out who to blame for that.... *vbg*

- Barbara

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