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Tales from Halabor
 [1] Reviewer:Catsma Date:November 30, 2008 1:41 AM
Lovely little details in this story, I can almost smell the roses and see them glistening with the early morning dew. And a 2 foot deep bed of rose petals? ...sounds yummy.

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 [2] Reviewer:Denise Date:December 4, 2008 5:15 PM
This has your usual lovely dedication to clear and readable details, and wonderful characters, too. The history of how the rose harvest came to Halabor, the actual process of its making - all are a joy to read and obviously well thought out! Mistress Eirendel's desire for grandness and her family's yet-"outsider" status are excellent touches.

Once again, I deeply love your tributes to the Old Folk, including Herumor's realizations: Who would have thought that the simple folk had the necessary skill and knowledge to deal with such a delicate operation? Heh! As he belatedly remembers later, his own mother came of that stock, and it's good to see him catching on that being common-born is no predictor of one's intelligence or ability.

I'm so looking forward to more! (And although it might not be appropriate for this set of vignettes, I really hope that you write soon about Herumor giving that stunning amber necklace to... whoever it's intended for. *g*)

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 [3] Reviewer:Denise Date:January 29, 2009 4:48 AM
Ch. 3: Herumor is more and more endearing as we go on; a charmer, indeed. His respect for others really shines, and reflects the increasing respect for the citizens of Halabor I as a reader continue to feel! Your details are mind-blowing, as always, yet you work them in extremely well. As with your other manufacturing discussions, Iíd never even considered nut-oil presses as an object of interest, yet now Iíd love to see one. Nice touches, always, with Herumorís interactions with the townsfolk and the history behind the different families. I also loved the reference to Andrahar and Herumorís mixed affection and respect for his former teacher and temporary home.

Ch. 4: Wonderful! I really liked hearing of Starfall again and the tie to Young Knights. Had a distinct feeling of fiendish glee at common-born Captain Merddyn teaching the noble youth Ė a need to learn humility, ha! *g*

Herveig is simply lovely, and very nice touches of Old Folk customs.

Awesome description, among so many: with a pale, oval face that still carried the ashes of a great beauty long gone. And: Brrrr over Lady Emerwen. Iíd love to hear more about the valiant Lady Iorwen Ė she must be something to keep her spirit against that old witch and her witchy daughter.

And Hee! at the rumors coming out about where Herumorís heart lies. I figured it had to be going around one way or another! And Belthil being married off to Golasgil?! Oh, you wicked, wicked authorial voice, you... *g* He sure was a proud one in the Unabeauverse stories, IIRC, for someone coming out of such a humble-sounding place.

Nice expositions on the different responsibilities of the ruling noble, and how much is done not for the nobleman but for those he looks after. Too bad we donít seem to have more elected rulers in the vein of Orchald, et. al.

Ch. 5: Poor Archu. His family has repeatedly gotten the short end of the stick Ė but such is life for far too many. (Just the mention of Merrynís name raises my hackles.)

And gosh, yes Ė thereís nothing like a really good cheese. That part made me quite hungry.

The ox-calling was as new to me as to Herumor. I still cannot believe the details you coax out of history and how delightfully you put them on the page.

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 [4] Reviewer:Denise Date:January 29, 2009 5:04 AM
Ch.6: That was marvellous. I so enjoyed hearing about Orchald's experience with falling in love, tempestuous as it was. It's very nice that Herumor has at least that much of his mother's history; I look forward to seeing him find out more.

Great touch of a stomach weak towards wine. I do wish so much that his heart's desire was suitable for him to marry! Then he might have had that longed-for heir by the time the Orcs came...

Terrific, as always, Soledad. I hope you get more time and inspiration for Halabor! I know it's tremendous work for you, but it's so rewarding to read.

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