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The Gates
 [11] Reviewer:Denise Date:February 21, 2007 8:08 AM
I remember thinking that this was a wonderful story when it first was posted to the Edhellond list, and rereading it now - months later - has only deepened my appreciation. It bears repeating: You write dwarves very well, and Gimli in particular. Iím glad he spoke to you again.

You show a Dwarven culture that is deep and realistic, with divisions of skills and varieties of talents. Itís common sense, of course, but not something that I think of immediately - I tend to simplistically view them all as forge-masters.

Gimliís whole fight to get the gates built was quite epic, from persuading dwarves to persuading Men. Iím still trying to picture Gimli in endless council meetings... That kind of gift or skill is definitely a mixed blessing in my book. And as usual, you give clear details (like the setting up of forges, etc.) but never too much for the purpose of the story. Everything flows so well into the critical scene at the end.

I did wonder: In what year do you see the rebuilding of the gates starting to happen? This story may not be in the Unabeauverse, of course, but naturally I keep trying to put it there.

Snorri is marvelously drawn. I loved his repeatedly calling Gimli "Gloinís son" and the "almost Elvish mooning" comment, and of course his little talk at the end, setting Gimli straight. Great characters, and a great story. I would be hoping fervently for Gimli to talk to you more often, except for other things pending... :)

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 [12] Reviewer:Marta Date:May 20, 2007 6:12 PM
This is a really nice story, Isabeau. Gimli did seem a little moony for my taste, but you had Snorri address that nicely. And it's so nice to see the dwarf get some much-needed character development. I really liked the idea that he had gifts, even if they weren't ones particularly valued by most dwarves.

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 [13] Reviewer:Larner Date:October 12, 2007 9:44 AM
Marvelous, Isabeau. I can so see this happening!

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