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 [1] Reviewer:Rebecca Date:January 31, 2006 8:03 AM
A most necessary reparation indeed! And from the mouth of a babe, well, a lad. Brand is showing ever more signs of being like his father -- speaking up to adults about what is right.

Good for Andra for recognizing how wrong he'd gone, and moreover for understanding, on some level, why.

I sense a sea change coming in the emotional lives of Hethlin, Imrahil and Andrahar. It'll be interesting to see how it happens.

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 [2] Reviewer:cheekychick662 Date:January 31, 2006 10:18 AM
just read this story and i loved it.I can see maybe Andrahar and Hethlin getting a healthy dose of respect for each other. I was wondering though is this story a one parter or will there be a next chapter? I would love to read about the confrontation between Imrahil and Andrahar when he confesses what he did to be good. by the way did you get my email about the reasons i asked for that story?I'm not sure because sometimes the mesage gets sent but it doesn't get received.

email me

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 [3] Reviewer:dpetrash Date:January 31, 2006 2:42 PM
I really liked this story. It smoothed out some definite rough spots for me in Dol Amroth Yule - that of Andrahar hitting Hethlin, of being so rude to Gildor, and of not questioning the assassin more closely himself. They all seemed dramatic failings for a character I frankly admire for his unbending sense of honor.

I enjoyed this story on many levels, and one was simply due to the joy of having another outside view of Hethlin. Even better that it was Andrahar expressing his thoughts on Heth & Imrahil's infatuation with her! ("A surly, mule-stubborn, not particularly attractive upstart girl who, as a warrior, would intrude upon all aspects of Andrahar’s comradeship with Imrahil.") Heh.

And then what he sees as his duty: "He had to train her to a Swan Knight standard, and perhaps even beyond it, for she was Imrahil’s beloved, and if she were to fall in battle, it might crush Imrahil beyond any hope of recovery. ‘I could do nothing to save Nimrien for him. But Hethlin’s success as a warrior, and her survival, is ultimately my responsibility.’" What a huge burden to be taking on, much heavier than the usual one of a teacher simply trying to do well by his students. My heart aches for Andra if he continues to think of Hethlin's survival as also his personal responsibility to Imrahil, especially given the caprices of battle-luck that one has no control over.

I laughed out loud to see that Brand is developing a crush on Hethlin! I thought that was a perfect touch. And that Andra felt being relieved of the Commandership was a vacation. He’s so stoic and responsible I can see everyone leaning on him far too much, and of course he would simple bear up under it all. The whole interaction with Brand was marvelous, and very realistic. Brand is so much like his father.

Wonderful story! I shall try to patiently wait for the next part…

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 [4] Reviewer:Imhiriel Date:January 31, 2006 11:10 PM
One can well recognize how deeply Andrahar is still unsettled by many events: the loss of Boromir, the War and its end, the finding of Brand, Hethlin and all she stands for.

It's a trademark I especially like in your stories that you can touch on so many aspects of your characters and the stories, that there are layers and layers, filtered through what the reader knows from other stories, what the narrator or the PoV-characters know, what separate characters know. I like it that not everything has to be spelled out, but can nevertheless be inferred.

For example, I was thinking that Andra's "punishment" seems to be relatively light, but that the main thing was his public confession and apology, and that it will have good consequences for Heth's treatment by the other esquires. That Peloren may very well have also, as did Andra, thought back on the events in "Kin-Strife" when he was one of the gang that mistreated Andra in a similar way as Heth is now. As the story is situated before Una's "The Lost", we already know some of what this story leads to. His attitude towards Aragorn ("...another black mark against the man..." *g*).

Andrahar's attachment to the princely family and to Brand become apparent through little details, showing his kind and loving heart behind his gruff and austere behaviour. His exchanges with Brand are deeply touching.

A spelling mistake which occured twice: it's "Pelargir", not "Pelargrir".

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 [5] Reviewer:Raksha The Demon Date:February 1, 2006 1:15 AM
Andrahar's joy in his newly adopted ward was lovely to read, as was his determination to be a good father and set a good example.

I would really love to see a short story where Brand learns that Boromir was his father.

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 [6] Reviewer:bardess Date:February 1, 2006 10:00 PM
Hethlin may be your most popular character, but Andrahar is your most well developed. I have progressed from being intrigued by the concept of such as he to finding him one of the most believable and well rounded characters in or out of canon. He is honorable and he is consistent in his internal code. Such integrity is rare in this, or any, world. I hope he does not do the get-on-his-knees-and-offer-his-life-in-atonement-for-his-failure stunt for his self presumed oversight. We are all entitled to a little slack now and then; plus, he has a kid to foster.

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 [7] Reviewer:Jillian Date:February 4, 2006 12:28 AM
Well, it's nice to see Brand talked stubborn ole Andra around. Perhaps he's not the bastard I thought he was! Frankly, I wonder what Elrohir would have done to him if he'd known all about Heth's bruised face! A nice short gap-filler, Isabeau!

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 [8] Reviewer:obsidianj Date:February 4, 2006 11:53 PM
A nice addition to your Heth-verse. Although she plays more of an indirect role.

I loved the conversation between Brand and Andrahar. How Brand with the incorruptible logic of children leads Andra to the heart of the matter. Great job.

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 [9] Reviewer:Nargil Date:February 5, 2006 11:05 PM
Good story Isabeau, I had been wondering why Andra had lashed out so, it is so wonderful to see the way he acts with Brand, shame he never had children of his own.

I like the idea of him seeing Hethlin as a threat but also seeing the links too his own past, and Elphir talking about waiting untill his father got home to see if the punnishment was complete, it reminds me of the "he's your sworn man You are the only one who can deal with him" quote in last rights, I can see where the Sword custom came from as well.

You write Brand so wonderfully well, it is nice to see a child who does not act years older than his age, the way he reacts to Andra telling him about hitting Heth was heartbreaking, both of them seem to want to stay close together and yet it could break them apart.

Nice to see Andra being a bit more human, realising he is not perfect and another wonderfull insight inside his head, speaking of which you missed an oppertunity for the old head chopping gag but it seems ok without it.

Keep writing


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