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Evil Beauty
 [1] Reviewer:Lady Masterblott Date:August 15, 2005 12:44 PM
Actually a very nice piece. Love the writing style and the power of description. You managed to capture an Elf's fascination with what he had never seen before quite well.

And even the ending, I found consistent in tone and consequent.

However, personally, I somewhat disliked the conclusion at the ending (and somehow cannot see Gandalf make it): A spider not trapping anything in it's web for the sake of ethics is not 'good', it is starved.

Mind me - I am the one living in 'Shelob's Lair 16', and permanently in terror of my 'flatmates' that happen to show up in the most unexpected moments. (Or in other words, I have a solid "spiderophobia"). However, not even I would think that (normally sized) spiders are "evil". They eat. That is what they are existing for. If not for them,I would be equally terrified by their 6-legged relatives infesting my house.

Even in Tolkien's world, the large spiders were considered wicked because they were descendands from Ungolianth, but I wonder whether small spiders were considered her descendants as well.

On the other hand, as a lecture for a (comparatively) young Elf, the little reminder of that 'beautiful' and 'not dangerous' will not always go together might have been just the right thing to say. ;)

Just a few thoughts,


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 [2] Reviewer:ponypetter Date:August 30, 2005 12:41 PM
That cute little butterfly was once a caterpillar that ate almost my entire garden. And he'll make more of them.

The spider can have him.

I like how you inject a little backstory with the watch rotation. It really helps to set up Legolas's mood and ours. He's kinda lonely, and maybe a little frustrated, and he has a introspective moment. Nice.

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