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 [1] Reviewer:Nargil Date:January 17, 2013 3:15 PM
Now I really want the 1 shot where Hethlin goes flying! I loved this Faramir is finally getting some sense talked into him Heth and Imri get to see the new house and hopefully somewhere out of shot Brand and Andra are in the same room sorting things out! I love the notion of Imrahil inspecting all the broom closets and the funny glares about Elrohir maybe being up North, I'm glad they like the idea of Heth keeping her belt, I do as well.

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 [2] Reviewer:Drenagon Date:January 19, 2013 3:14 AM
This is almost exactly how I thought the conversation between Faramir and Heth regarding his lack of honesty with Eowyn would go. As someone who was often angry with her father about how little he had told her, I had a feeling Heth would have words with Faramir on the subject. I'm glad that Faramir got to show Heth and Imrahil his home before they left, and that the daisy came up again. I loved that scene in Blackbow, and its nice to see Faramir still being a thoughtful friend to Heth even if she is no longer a Ranger.

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 [3] Reviewer:Altariel Date:January 19, 2013 4:20 PM
Absolutely gorgeous - it's amazing that this is the first time that you've written Faramir in first person! You have him just right: there's a quietness about him, and a sadness, but also a great deal of love for the people that he does have left. The shift from father-son to peer-peer is starting to be there between him and Imrahil (although it will take their big row, coming later, to reconfigure this entirely - or to allow Faramir to accept Imrahil's paternalism without feeling undermined by it). Imri poking around the pantries is hilarious. Is Flora of Gondor the same volume that Faramir will one day consult with Morwen and Amrothos? I bet it is, and how nice to think of it being a gift to the family from Great-Uncle Imri.

I adored the conversation with Hethlin: she's got plain-speaking in Dol Amroth! And she's certainly no longer in awe of Princes. Her dig about bureaucrats made me hoot. As ever, she cuts straight to the chase and makes Faramir talk straight back to her about what happened on patrol. Good old Mablung, deploying the Ranger Support Group to try to help the Captain with his moods. (I wonder what Faramir will say to Mablung after this.) The daisy tinderbox is lovely: the continuation of old jokes and comradeship from a time that wasn't all bad, as they both acknowledge.

So much love and care shown to each other here. It's going to be a long hard road for the poor Captain yet - but at least, when the low point finally comes, he will have people like this to help him pick up the pieces, and who won't judge him for being who he is. Emyn Arnen is only part-built, and there are many problems in construction ahead, but the future is there, in the shape of a green book about its flourishing.

It's a wonderful piece. I'm a very lucky birthday girl.

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 [4] Reviewer:obsidianj Date:January 26, 2013 7:54 AM
It is always nice to hear from Hethlin again. I think you captured Faramir very well and in the right mood knowing about what is coming in GoC. I love the conversation with Hethlin. If he would just heed her advice...

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 [5] Reviewer:Anna Date:January 29, 2013 1:21 AM
I loved this glimpse into Faramir, Imrahil and Hethlin's mindsets, tying together GoC and Passages. So pleased to see this one shot and the update to passages. I can't wait for the great Dale adventures that have been foreshadowed...

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 [6] Reviewer:Denise Date:March 9, 2013 1:56 AM
I love Imrahil and Faramir's relationship here. Faramir muses on how, despite theirs becoming more of a peer-to-peer connection, Imrahil would still try to reflexively protect Faramir; well, it's a mutual reaction. :) Imrahil is as magnificently gracious as ever when Faramir tries to apologize. (Though I do love also Hethlin's more... forthright response, heh heh.)

Couldn't help but notice Andrahar's absence from the escort. (sigh)

Also noticed that Heth sometimes refers to the Prince as "Imrahil" when speaking with Faramir. That seems a shift in her thinking of him - not quite so elevated, I guess. (Or maybe I've just been rereading CMC too much lately!)

I appreciated Imrahil's reflections on his and Heth's potential relationship. I can't help but think of his first marriage, of course; he and Nimrien had less than 20 years together, IIRC. Too short, yes, but he wouldn't trade a moment. Give Heth credit, that if she should choose Imrahil she would feel the same, even with the slight differences in situation.

Imrahil and Elrohir together again? You really shouldn't tantalize us like that. :)

And Heth's eagle ride has already happened!? I too would love something on this. Why did the eagle(s) come so far south? And, perhaps most fervently, I'd love to get a glimpse of her fellow esquires' reactions. :D

Great scene between Faramir and Heth, needless to say. I wouldn't say she overshadowed Imrahil here; rather, she made a good bookend for the Imrahil/Faramir conversation. "...for I am [a woman], as I hope you do realize..." Ha! I'm so glad she gave it to him straight. The longer you wait to share these sorts of burdens with your spouse, the harder it gets - as we see later in GoC. Ah, it's a rough road ahead, but I'm glad that Faramir has such family and friends to sustain him - and ones that won't say, "There, there, dear, it's all right."

You should definitely write more first-person Faramir! This rang very true with the Faramir that Altariel has fleshed out so wonderfully, and the conversations connect the story arc beautifully. Thank you!

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