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Rematch General Rated:All
A birthday present for Altariel. She wanted Faramir and Eowyn and I got them both in at least a little bit. This story follows the events in Fair Game by a couple of months.

MEFASs 2011:

Honorable Mention, Post Ring War: Gondor and Beyond

Chapters:1 Words:1755 Reviews:7  Read Latest Review
Updated:January 16, 2012
Fourth Age General Rated:Teens
A look into the distant future-Hethlin as a terrible old woman.

MEFAs 2011:

1st place, Incomplete: General
Smaug's Treasure

Chapters:5 Words:10607 Reviews:19  Read Latest Review
  Page: 1 2
Updated:January 16, 2012
In A Different Light Drama Rated:Teens Serial
March, 3020. On loving the enemy among friends and family.
Chapters:1 Words:1091 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:January 10, 2012
What If? Romance Rated:Adults Graphic
Prince Imrahil's decision causes a change of events in the land of Rohan. A love story set during the great war, surrounded by friendship, hate, jealousy, and ending with the bitterness of revenge. A story that was never meant to be. This is not the ordinary LOTR fanfiction you read everyday. It is quite different with many plots, twists, romances, hate, jealousy, with the story ending in a remarkable form of revenge.
Chapters:12 Words:43240 Reviews:0
Updated:January 8, 2012
Maitimo's Awakening General Rated:All
Maedhros wakes up after Finrod has rescued him from Thangorodrim. But whom does he have to face?
Chapters:1 Words:4338 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:January 8, 2012
Let There Be Light Drama Rated:All
The story of the standard Arwen wove for Aragorn, and its journey with Halbarad from Rivendell to Minas Tirith. Ten true drabbles originally written for the LiveJournal tolkien_weekly "Let There Be Light" challenge prompts.
Chapters:10 Words:1068 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:January 5, 2012
The Green Grave Tragedy Rated:Teens
"...she [Arwen] laid herself to rest upon Cerin Amroth; and there is her green grave, until the world is changed..."
But who made Arwen's grave in empty, desolate Lothlorien? Someone very sympathetic watched over her...
2011 MEFA Second Place in Ficlet: Later Age Elves.
Chapters:1 Words:965 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:January 3, 2012
On a Stormy Night Drama Rated:All
While looking for a shelter on a stormy night, during a hunting trip, Aragorn and Faramir stumble upon a family in a dire need of help. Written for May Teitho contest: "Names". 2011 MEFA Third Place in Drama: Featuring Aragorn.
Chapters:1 Words:3159 Reviews:0
Updated:January 3, 2012
In the Name of the King General Rated:All
Inspired by the fan movie "Born of Hope". In the last moments of his life, Halbarad remembers a day long ago and his vision about Aragorn. 2011 MEFA Second Place in Ficlet: General.
Chapters:1 Words:843 Reviews:0
Updated:January 3, 2012
Empty Heart Romance Rated:All
Love brings joy, but it can also break one's heart. Written for February Teitho theme: Heart Break. 2011 MEFA Third Place in Ficlet: Later Age Elves.
Chapters:1 Words:863 Reviews:0
Updated:January 3, 2012
The Old that is Strong General Rated:Teens
Author:Linda Hoyland
Watching over the dying Faramir, Ioreth is shocked when Gandalf
brings a stranger to tend him. A story for March 15th.
Chapters:2 Words:4854 Reviews:0
Updated:December 29, 2011
Crowning Glory General Rated:Teens
Author:Linda Hoyland
A series of drabbles written for the "Tolkien Weekly" "Hairdressing" challenge.
Chapters:1 Words:1057 Reviews:0
Updated:December 29, 2011
Tell All the Wild and Fearful Things General Rated:Teens
They were the Keepers of the Kingdom - and they were anything but ready. A night on the front with Arthedain's first line defenders.
Chapters:1 Words:6200 Reviews:0
Updated:December 23, 2011
Lessons for a Young Hobbit General Rated:All
Frodo Baggins, newly returned to Hobbiton as Bilbo's ward, begins a new set of lessons designed to prepare him for life as Bilbo's intended heir and successor.<br><br>An Advent Calendar series for 2011.
Chapters:22 Words:2515 Reviews:0
Updated:December 22, 2011
The Book of Mazarbul General Rated:Teens
The chronicle of Balin's ill-fated attempt to retake Moria, with a great deal of background on Dwarves. Chapters 8 and 9 partially rewritten to match the new additions.
Chapters:11 Words:84289 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:November 20, 2011
Shadows of Memory General Rated:Teens Serial
Author:Linda Hoyland
Injured and believing himself in great danger, Aragorn seeks to flee
for his life. Escape, however proves impossible.
Chapters:5 Words:9129 Reviews:0
Updated:November 20, 2011
Bitter Duty General Rated:All
Faramir contemplates the nature of obedience as he writes a report for his father, after speeding the Ringbearer on his quest to Mordor. First written for B2MeM 2009.
Chapters:1 Words:863 Reviews:0
Updated:November 16, 2011
Allegiance General Rated:Teens
Valacar, King Romendacil's son, has just made an alliance with the North-men that puts in peril the realm his forefathers have long fought to hold. Politics during a vulnerable period of Gondor's history.
Chapters:1 Words:3655 Reviews:0
Updated:November 16, 2011
Larksong and Morningstar General Rated:Teens
A pregnant Goldberry gets a visit from her two younger sisters, who bring disturbing news.
Chapters:1 Words:3963 Reviews:0
Updated:October 17, 2011
Rainbow General Rated:All
In the summer after Sauron's fall, Aragorn watches the rainbow and reminisces. Series of eight drabbles. Third place Teitho September 2011: Colours of Middle-earth.
Chapters:1 Words:822 Reviews:0
Updated:October 16, 2011
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