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Tell This Mortal Drama Rated:Teens Serial
How Legolas left Middle-earth: what he felt, and why. The story also addresses the nature of the sea-longing, why Thranduil stayed, why he exhibited some of the characteristics we see in The Hobbit, the name of Legolas's grey ship, and other mysteries. COMPLETED. Accepted at HASA.
Chapters:14 Words:11595 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:January 6, 2005
Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit General Rated:Teens
Somewhere in the wilds of Eriador a company of Rangers will not be home for Yule.
Chapters:1 Words:2617 Reviews:0
Updated:January 2, 2005
Children of Men General Rated:Teens
As canon as humanly possible. Set about 20 years after LotR. Multi-character, but focuses mostly on the younger generation. Pairings are the same as the book, AxA, FxE, ExL, with future pairings of EldarionxLauriel, ElfwinexElwing, TurgonxElenwe.
Chapters:3 Words:3702 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:December 29, 2004
Four Calling Birds,Two Lovers Romance Rated:Adult
With a little help from a stranger, Glorfindel finds an unique way to declare his love for Erestor. Written for another list as part of a '12 Days of Christmas' anthology.
Chapters:1 Words:2739 Reviews:0
Updated:December 23, 2004
A Pale Light Lingering General Rated:All
The old year ends, and Faramir makes the journey from Minas Tirith to Ithilien.
Chapters:1 Words:2433 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:December 22, 2004
A Lullaby for the Longest Night Poetry Rated:All
A Dunedain Carol for the Winter Solstice.
Chapters:1 Words:251 Reviews:0
Updated:December 21, 2004
Summons Drama Rated:Adult
Many long months passed before they were able to stand side by side as companions, not as the Steward of Gondor and the King.
Chapters:1 Words:1197 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
Rewriting History Romance Rated:Adult
Aragorn thinks about what might have been.
Chapters:1 Words:1475 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
Night's Pursuit Drama Rated:Adult
Legolas watches Gimli sleep and wonders how it would feel to die.
Chapters:1 Words:813 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
Fragments of Truth Drama Rated:Adult
What Aragorn doesn't tell Arwen when he sees her again.
Chapters:0 Words:0 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
Chains Drama Rated:Teens
During the battle with the cave troll, Aragorn becomes entangled in its chains.
Chapters:1 Words:471 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
Balm Drama Rated:Adult
Peace and prosperity don't heal all wounds. Homoerotic themes.
Chapters:1 Words:509 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
The Stone in the Bed Drama Rated:Adult
She's married, she's in bed, she's in love. With someone else.
Chapters:1 Words:339 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
Blinded Drama Rated:Teens
Boromir can't see for the brightness on the mountain.
Chapters:0 Words:0 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
Promises and Pledges Drama Rated:Adult
A Steward's son is expected to marry and produce and heir, whether it's what he wants or not. The heir of kings is surprisingly sympathetic. Homoerotic themes.
Chapters:4 Words:8709 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
Reflections on Absent Men Drama Rated:Adult
Faramir, Arwen and Eowyn share a man and a ghost.
Chapters:1 Words:1125 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
Eventual Drama Rated:Adult
Legolas ponders the future and the mortality of men.
Chapters:1 Words:898 Reviews:0
Updated:December 20, 2004
First Steps Erotica Rated:Adult
A prequel to 'Conception Day Gifts'. Elrohir/OMC slash; R rating
Chapters:1 Words:1810 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:December 19, 2004
Catch of the Day Romance Rated:Adult
Glorfindel and Erestor take the young twins fishing and Glorfindel makes an unexpected catch. Fluff and romance with a hint of slash.
Chapters:1 Words:2747 Reviews:0
Updated:December 18, 2004
All That's Best of Dark and Bright... Erotica Rated:Adult
Melkor has a secret weapon in the Cold War for Arda: the vanities and ambitions and true longings of the artist--a god denied is a demon born. Fëanor has no ready defense when a known Liar speaks a little too much truth. Pity those caught in between. Slash (both m/m and f/f), very AU
Chapters:1 Words:5388 Reviews:0
Updated:December 15, 2004
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