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Needles, Yarn & Thread General Rated:All
This takes place after Galadriel’s conversation with Gandalf in *The Hobbit* movie. Written for the 4th wildcard challenge for BtME.
Chapters:1 Words:1846 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:April 10, 2013
Dribble drabble scrabble General Rated:All Serial
A home for those Tolkien Weekly drabbles that don't form a continuous series. Props to US3's Cantaloop lyrics for suggesting the title. Blessing challenge entries, a.k.a. Halbarad Lives! AU series uploaded.
Chapters:11 Words:2856 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 29, 2013
Lords of the West Drama Rated:Adult
Olwe and Fingolfin had more cause than most to resent the Valar's tendency to leave dark lords unchallenged. A meditation on courgae, tragedy, and divine inaction.
Chapters:1 Words:4364 Reviews:0
Updated:March 23, 2013
The Airts Tales General Rated:All Serial
Inspired by the Four Elements Challenge on the SWG site, this is the first of five linked stories. (And yes, I know it wasn't a recent challenge, but Life interfered until now; many thanks to Mike for helping me resolve some computer issues, and to RiverOtter for the beta!) I’m posting it here and not there because it really isn’t Silmfic, and because it’s related to my novel, Tree & Stone. “O’ All the Airts” is a famous poem by Robert Burns, the first of the three greatest Scottish writers.”Airts” is a Sco
Chapters:2 Words:15997 Reviews:0
Updated:March 18, 2013
Finding Silver General Rated:All
A youth in Minas Tirith finds his path.A sequel to "Lily's Patron," so the 3rd House of Ornamir/House of Hammer & Forge story.
Chapters:1 Words:4804 Reviews:0
Updated:March 17, 2013
Falling Through Fear General Rated:All
The Fellowship rests in Lothlorien, but a Power is stirring that few have remembered.
Chapters:1 Words:3195 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 16, 2013
Lingur General Rated:All
Ok, before I say anything else, let me explain about the title. IT IS NOT A TYPO!! It means "Heart Song" or "Song of the Heart" in Sindarin.
Ok, now that that's out of the way, on to the description!
Written for the 2013 Nuzgul of the Month Courtship challenge on HASA. A Second Age story of young love and the winning of hearts. WiP
Update 3/16/13: Two new chapters up!!
Chapters:4 Words:3547 Reviews:0
Updated:March 16, 2013
The Downfall Tragedy Rated:Adult
"Nine ships there were: four for Elendil, and for Isildur three, and for Anarion two; and they fled before the gale out of the twilight of doom into the darkness of the world. [...] And all the coasts and seaward regions of the western world suffered great change and ruin in that time; for the seas invaded the lands, and shores foundered."
Chapters:1 Words:914 Reviews:0
Updated:March 15, 2013
The Reluctant Bride General Rated:Teens
Author:Linda Hoyland
Summary: Lady Adiva of Harad recalls the longest day of her life while
relaxing with Arwen and Éowyn. Dedicated to Ellynn and all my friends who
desired to see the ladies relaxing together.
Chapters:1 Words:3376 Reviews:0
Updated:March 15, 2013
Seed of Hope General Rated:All
Author:Linda Hoyland
Gilraen is inspired by the great deeds of her ancestors.
Chapters:1 Words:2126 Reviews:0
Updated:March 15, 2013
When We Were Very Young Drama Rated:Teens
"And it came to pass that Tar-Palantir grew weary of grief and died. He had no son, but a daughter only, whom he named Míriel in the Elven-tongue; and to her now by right and the laws of the Númenóreans came the sceptre. But Pharazôn took her to wife against her will..." (The Akallabeth)
Chapters:1 Words:2251 Reviews:0
Updated:March 13, 2013
The King Has Come Unto His Hall Drama Rated:Teens
After the Battle of the Five Armies, Bilbo and Gloin consider legend's due.
Chapters:1 Words:2017 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 10, 2013
The Days of the King Humor Rated:All
"Behold the king!" Faramir's perspective on Aragorn's coronation.
Chapters:1 Words:1303 Reviews:0
Updated:March 6, 2013
That Which They Defend Humor Rated:All
"Isildur gave this counsel to Meneldil, that the King should visit the hallow from time to time, and especially when he felt the need of wisdom in days of danger or distress; and thither also he should bring his heir, when he was full-grown to manhood, and tell him of the making of the hallow, and reveal to him the secrets of the realm and other matters that he should know." Faramir tries to follow an ancient custom, with some difficulty.
Chapters:1 Words:1601 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 6, 2013
The Bed They Make Romance Rated:Adult
From friends and lovers to friends and brothers. A (slight) reconsideration of the one night Imrahil spent with Andrahar - two AUs for the price of one. Story in the Best-Loved Sons arc.

Coda: An AU to Trial: And if Andrahar had got all he desired? Sex, love, trauma, and new beginnings.
Chapters:4 Words:30400 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 1, 2013
A Bird in the Hand Drama Rated:Teens
In the Fourth Age, Gondor grapples with the legacy of Numenor that was. (Old story, substantially edited and posted here for the first time.)
Chapters:1 Words:2596 Reviews:0
Updated:February 25, 2013
Whether Exodus Action Rated:Teens
On the endings that make and break us. Elenwë comes at last to Middle-earth.
Chapters:1 Words:6585 Reviews:0
Updated:February 20, 2013
Lily's Patron General Rated:All
A sequal to "Rose's Courtship," another House of Ornamir/House of Hammer & Forge story.
Chapters:1 Words:4678 Reviews:0
Updated:February 20, 2013
A Vision in the Night General Rated:All
What will happen when Legolas sees a vision in the night?
Chapters:1 Words:3356 Reviews:0
Updated:February 18, 2013
Rose's Courtship General Rated:All
Written for the February 2013 HASA Nazgul of the Month Courtship Challenge. Two young people meet in the aftermath of war. A House of Ornamir/House of Hammer & Forge tale.
Chapters:1 Words:2137 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:February 17, 2013
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