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Awakening Romance Rated:All
A sequel to "Dreamwalkers". Celebrimbor awakens in Irmo’s garden and has to make the ultimate decision.
Chapters:1 Words:1660 Reviews:0
Updated:June 21, 2005
Dreamwalkers Romance Rated:Teens
Gildor finally sails to the Blessed Realm and is reunited with Celebrimbor – or is he? Read it and find out.
Chapters:1 Words:4690 Reviews:0
Updated:June 21, 2005
Seaside Conversations 2 General Rated:Teens
Imrahil, the Prince of Dol Amroth, sails into Edhellond after Aragorn’s wedding to say his farewells to the Lord of the South Haven.
Chapters:5 Words:13250 Reviews:0
Updated:June 20, 2005
Contrapunto General Rated:All
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
Denethor takes Thorongil's measure. How did he find out the captain's real identity? And what did Thorongil think about him? This is my answer.
Chapters:2 Words:5645 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 15, 2005
Cold Comfort General Rated:Teens
While the Fellowship is going through Moria, Denethor is having a discussion with an old friend. Once again, this story was a birthday present for Isabeau.
Chapters:1 Words:5276 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 12, 2005
Seaside Conversations General Rated:All
Imrahil, the Prince of Dol Amroth, has an unexpected visitor. Foreshadows of the upcoming dark days are discussed.

Dedication: for Isabeau with love. Happy birthday!
Chapters:1 Words:7193 Reviews:0
Updated:June 12, 2005
Carven Horse General Rated:All
Fathers, sons and promises. A vignette written for a There and Back Again LJ writer's group exercise.
Chapters:1 Words:397 Reviews:0
Updated:June 8, 2005
Bedding Night General Rated:Teens
Cultures clash on Lothìriel and Èomer's wedding night. Written for a There and Back Again LJ writers group exercise.
Chapters:1 Words:762 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 8, 2005
Reflections of Past and Future General Rated:Teens
On the eve of yestarë (the first day of the new year), Gildor muses about his past and possible future.
Chapters:1 Words:1509 Reviews:0
Updated:June 4, 2005
Star-Crossed Romance Rated:Teens Serial
A series of drabbles, situated in my alternate universe, where Boromir does not die at Parth Galen but lives out his life on Elladan’s side as the co-regent of the Reunited Kingdom.

Most of these drabbles feature Elladan and/or Boromir, save a few where their relationship is reflected upon by other characters. I am afraid I never managed to keep the exact number of 100 words but tried to remain as close as possible.
Chapters:5 Words:531 Reviews:0
Updated:June 4, 2005
Drabbles on Hobbits; a Generous Bakers' Dozen Drama Rated:All
Author:Ruby Nye
Here are fourteen drabbles, all more-or-less concerning hobbits.
Chapters:14 Words:1468 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:May 27, 2005
Through A Glass Romance Rated:All
Faramir's answer to the challenge question: Éowyn, heroine or deserter?
Chapters:1 Words:1215 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:May 25, 2005
The Dying Stone General Rated:All
After the Kinslaying in Alqualondë, Olwë mourns over his beautiful city.
Chapters:1 Words:2168 Reviews:0
Updated:May 17, 2005
Wilwarin General Rated:All
A short glimpse into Lindir's childhood, before he came to Rivendell.
Chapters:1 Words:3358 Reviews:0
Updated:May 17, 2005
The First Snowdrop General Rated:All
Aka: How Lindir realized that he was in love? An Elven Valentine story. Missing scene to "Innocence".
Chapters:1 Words:1120 Reviews:0
Updated:May 17, 2005
Winter Solstice General Rated:Teens
Yuletide in Imladris. Radagast pays a visit and little Estel gets to help in the kitchen. Glorfindel tells the story of the making of stars.
Chapters:1 Words:5265 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:May 17, 2005
The Face of the Enemy Drama Rated:Teens
The Battle of the Pelennor Fields, seen from the enemy's POV. Sequel to "Pawns and Symbols" - well, sort of. Winner of the Mithril Award "Best Story Featuring Men" in 2004.
Story complete.
Chapters:6 Words:18701 Reviews:0
Updated:May 15, 2005
Outcasts Romance Rated:Adult
An independent story of the "Sons of Gondor" arc, featuring Andrahar and Mánion, the healer - among other recurring original characters of mine.
Chapters:1 Words:4303 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:May 15, 2005
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Rangers But Were Afraid to Ask Humor Rated:Adult
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
Halbarad and Aragorn (24 and 21 years old) have an afternoon out. AU on sex among Elves. Written for the HASA Culture and Sexuality Nuzgul.
Chapters:1 Words:1245 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:May 10, 2005
Bruises General Rated:All
Nine-year-old Boromir has his first lesson about prejudice.
Chapters:1 Words:3253 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:May 7, 2005
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