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Interlude in Lothlórien General Rated:Adult
Snippet/vignette of an intimate moment from a future chapter of my current WIP, which was submitted for The Art Challenge on HASA (posted with a photomanip of The Awakening of Adonis by John William Waterhouse).
Chapters:1 Words:266 Reviews:0
Updated:September 10, 2006
Night Games Romance Rated:Teens
What do bored teenagers in Rohan do with themselves at night?
Chapters:1 Words:1724 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:September 6, 2006
Graceful and Green Drama Rated:All
Sam, Frodo and the Rangers of Ithilien remember the fallen at Henneth Annun.
Chapters:1 Words:10114 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:September 6, 2006
Offerings General Rated:All
Multi-generational meditations on fathers and sons in the House of the Stewards on Rath Dinen, told in two parts, one very short story. Finalist, 2005 Mithril Awards. Honorable Mention, 2005 MEFA Awards
Chapters:1 Words:592 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:September 2, 2006
Sundry Drabbles General Rated:All Serial
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
A miscellany of wizards and horses, eagles and Elves, compiled of all drabbles that don't fit anywhere else. NEW: "Love Story," Bilbo critiques a theater piece; "Bears with Honey," marriage the Beorning style
Chapters:8 Words:1043 Reviews:0
Updated:August 16, 2006
Hobbits and Husbands General Rated:All
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
Aragorn meets with Halbarad to discuss Ranger matters before leaving on the hunt for Gollum. Part of my Aragorn "short pieces" series.
Chapters:1 Words:1031 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:August 1, 2006
White Tree Lore Non Fiction Rated:All
A summary of known information on the various White Trees.
Chapters:1 Words:547 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 20, 2006
To Watch Them Dance General Rated:All
young!Boromir is out on a midnight escapade, and takes little!Faramir with him. But this is one escapade that their parents will easily forgive them for.
Chapters:1 Words:923 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 19, 2006
Pipeweed General Rated:All
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
At the Prancing Pony, Gandalf has a question for Aragorn. Part of my Aragorn "short pieces" series.
Chapters:1 Words:517 Reviews:0
Updated:July 16, 2006
Encounters Romance Rated:Teens
Prologue to my Boromir/Thorongil story. Takes place in Rivendell before the Council. Aragorn has to face the past...

Warning: slight AU, slash and uncanonical het pairing WIP
Chapters:3 Words:11576 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 16, 2006
Unanticipated Accord General Rated:Adult
Warning: Slash.

Ever wonder about all those long, cold lonely nights spent in the woods?
Chapters:1 Words:102 Reviews:0
Updated:July 15, 2006
The Course of Love Romance Rated:Adult
Author:Aranel Took
The sequel to The Roots of the Ivy. The story of Theo and Eomer Brandybuck and Faramir Took.
Chapters:65 Words:130063 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 12, 2006
Theme and Variations General Rated:All
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
Tolkien meets Jane Austen. Marriage is on everyone's mind in Minas Tirith after the war. Told from Faramir's point of view as he adjusts to his new life and gets to know the king. Written for the Steward and the King Challenge at HASA.
Chapters:1 Words:7942 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 11, 2006
Horse & Rider General Rated:All
An elf and his horse. What a speedy combination!
Chapters:1 Words:203 Reviews:0
Updated:July 10, 2006
Embroidery General Rated:All
Celebrían and Galadriel spend an afternoon teaching Arwen how to embroider and even more about life.
Chapters:1 Words:603 Reviews:0
Updated:July 2, 2006
Annúminas Romance Rated:Adult
This is an AU, written to answer a personal challenge from Altariel, back in 2002. A sequel to "Seal On My Heart".
This story is finished.
Chapters:8 Words:19463 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 1, 2006
Pawns and Symbols Drama Rated:Teens
A young Imrahil & Andrahar story. Co-written with Isabeau of Greenlea, originally for the Edhellond group's "Dúnadan Project". Now part of the "Sons of Gondor" arc.
Story complete.
Chapters:5 Words:11583 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 13, 2006
Well Met General Rated:Teens
An unexpected meeting on the borders of Mirkwood.
Chapters:1 Words:1426 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 12, 2006
The White City: Guardians of Gondor General Rated:Adult
There are many duties and sacrifices an advisor to King Elessar has to make, as Elrohir and Legolas find out after Aragorn starts depending too much on Elrohir. WARNING: Slash Elrohir/Legolas
Chapters:2 Words:3524 Reviews:0
Updated:June 8, 2006
Prison General Rated:All
Éomer finds a glimmer of hope as he looks for a way to escape the cell Grima has put him in.
Chapters:1 Words:503 Reviews:0
Updated:June 3, 2006
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