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Rest and Recreation General Rated:All
Imladris is a place of refuge; of quiet contemplation for weary travelers. But alas, it doesn't suit the Captain-General of Gondor very well. What's a bored Boromir to do in the tranquil Elvish haven?
Chapters:1 Words:1248 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:April 10, 2007
Middle-earth alphabet Drabble Rated:All Serial
From the March 2007 Middle-earth alphabet prompt. The alphabet showing the young, of all ages.
Chapters:9 Words:1093 Reviews:0
Updated:April 6, 2007
Legacy General Rated:All
To learn the skills of survival and life is to learn one's heritage, to inherit one's birthright, and to become part of family legacy. This is a story composed of vignettes which intends to give insight in Legolas' life after the Ring War.
Chapters:4 Words:1637 Reviews:0
Updated:April 4, 2007
Trials and Tribulation General Rated:All
Someone has decided that "Mer" Frodo needs a hug to feel better, and Frodo finds himself sponsoring an unusual family in the East Farthing.
Chapters:3 Words:11537 Reviews:0
Updated:April 3, 2007
The Lost General Rated:All
A sequel to Isabeau's story "Noble Jewel": Faramir comes face to face with Brand.
Chapters:1 Words:8320 Reviews:11  Read Latest Review
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Updated:March 30, 2007
Divine Intervention General Rated:All
“For you are goddesses, inside on everything, know everything. But we mortals hear only the news, and know nothing at all.” -Homer

Freestyle poetry.
Chapters:2 Words:927 Reviews:0
Updated:March 26, 2007
Facing the Darkness General Rated:Teens
Author:Linda Hoyland
Aragorn visits Faramir and Merry in the Houses of Healing before riding out for what may be gis last battle.

The second in a series of stories mainly featuring Aragorn and Faramir, which can be read alone but should be enjoyed more if viewed as part of one long story.
Chapters:5 Words:8402 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 20, 2007
The Blue Book of Bilbo Baggins, or, Tales of the Forbidden Silmarillion General Rated:Teens Serial
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
Tyellas's "Lost in the Translation" tells us that Bilbo made another book--one with a blue cover. What happened to this mysterious volume, and what was in it? know you want to read it. AU. NEW: "Master Aelfwine Disposes"; "Notes from the Translator": in case you think this is not authentic.

Thanks to Tyellas for allowing me to borrow the idea of the Blue Book from her superb story, and thanks to oshun for all her help. Special thanks to Maeve Riannon and greywing for their contributions.
Chapters:8 Words:7996 Reviews:8  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 16, 2007
Swan in Stone fragments General Rated:All
Some bits and pieces from an uncompleted work about Imrahil at the Siege of Gondor and the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. It's been over two years since I started this, and I thought people might enjoy the fragments. I might also get the impetus to write the rest of it...
Chapters:3 Words:6678 Reviews:5  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 12, 2007
In the Waiting General Rated:All
"F like... a fearful Faramir." Written for the B2MEM alphabet challenge at the LJ community there_n_back.
Chapters:1 Words:562 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 11, 2007
The Most Beautiful General Rated:All
Melian has reasons for staying.
Chapters:1 Words:650 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 9, 2007
First Meetings General Rated:All
The head cook for the Stewards' House meets a stranger while preparing the Midsummer Feast. Features characters created by Ann and Edoraslass.
Chapters:1 Words:1395 Reviews:0
Updated:March 8, 2007
Stolen Tragedy Rated:Teens
AU. Galadriel watches her world fall to ruin. Warning: dark imagery and character death.

2006 MEFA Honorable Mention: Alternate Universe, General.
Chapters:2 Words:690 Reviews:0
Updated:March 8, 2007
Comforting Silence General Rated:All
Words are not always needed to give comfort to a friend who is grieving. Aragorn comforts Faramir after the death of Eowyn. A Middle-earth Express prompt ficlet for the words 'Comfort' and 'Friendship'.
Chapters:1 Words:692 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 8, 2007
Final Choice Tragedy Rated:Teens
Nimloth's last moments in Menegroth.
Chapters:1 Words:1208 Reviews:4  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 6, 2007
Flickers General Rated:All Serial
A series of drabbles focusing on Nerdanel and Feanor. Written for various things, but strung together here chronologically by Arda-timeline.
Chapters:1 Words:102 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 6, 2007
Burdens Drabble Rated:All
The Exiles carry many things with them to Arda...
Chapters:6 Words:726 Reviews:0
Updated:March 6, 2007
Valentine's Challenge: Fractured Valentine's Day Tales General Rated:All
Love is in the air - whether you want it or not. Luckily, Tolkien provides
us with many couples whose stories include at least as much drama as they do
romance: Beren and Luthien, Aragorn and Arwen, Celeborn and Galadriel, Turin
and Nineor - just to name a few.

So how about an antidote for all that Valentine's Day commercialism? Write a
story, drabble, or poem about any Tolkien romance you can dream up. You can
use one of his canonical relationships, or feel free to make up a new oneChapters:10 Words:10009 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:February 27, 2007
Love In Exile Drama Rated:All
Maglor and his wife spend their first night in exile. Drabble and a half --150 words. Written for the HASA “Anti-Valentine Day's Quickie Challenge.”
Chapters:1 Words:153 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:February 20, 2007
Brothers at Heart General Rated:Teens
As Aragorn arrives among the Dúnedain to take up the reins of leadership, he meets his cousin, Halbarad, who helps Aragorn find his place amongst his people and they begin a friendship that will last a lifetime.

2006 MEFAs: 3rd place-Men, Incomplete.

Chapters:27 Words:196228 Reviews:46  Read Latest Review
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Updated:February 17, 2007
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