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Concealment Romance Rated:Adult
When news reached Rohan of the death of Dol Amroth's ruling prince, Théodred rode for Gondor as quickly as his horse would carry him. Of course he would come; Boromir needed him.

(This story contains explicit m/m slash as well as discussion of homosexuality in Gondor and Rohan. Please, use discretion when deciding whether to read at work or at all.)
Chapters:1 Words:3553 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 29, 2007
Life Lessons General Rated:All
On a quiet afternoon in Ithilien, Arwen nearly reveals too much of herself to Eowyn.
Chapters:1 Words:921 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 24, 2007
Summer Daze Erotica Rated:Adult
While visiting family in Dol Amroth, Faramir's encounter with a prostitute leads him to question some of the values he grew up with. A gap-filler for my story "Summer Nights", though this should be readable without knowledge of the previous story. (Note, contains sexual content and deals with theme of prostitution.)
Chapters:3 Words:6154 Reviews:0
Updated:June 22, 2007
Journey's End General Rated:All
Inns, beer, and folk songs.
Chapters:1 Words:1717 Reviews:15  Read Latest Review
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Updated:June 14, 2007
Of All the Pretty Little Horses Humor Rated:All
Eomer and Faramir admiring a Dol Amroth lady.
Chapters:1 Words:269 Reviews:0
Updated:June 12, 2007
The Beginning General Rated:Teens
Response to Claudio's birthday request for something about Elrond and Gil-Galad.
Chapters:1 Words:776 Reviews:0
Updated:June 12, 2007
Fingon's Heir General Rated:Teens
After much soul-searching and review of canon sources, I decided to go with Fingon as Gil-Galad’s daddy. In keeping with my own canon (relating to my Maedhros and Fingon story arc) this piece contains slash and at least one implied threesome.
Chapters:1 Words:307 Reviews:7  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 12, 2007
In Body and Mind Drabble Rated:All
Nearly an age after the War of the Alliance an elf encounters someone she thought long dead - or does she?
Chapters:1 Words:105 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 6, 2007
Meddling Drama Rated:All
It may not be wise to meddle in the affairs of wizards, but sometimes it is necessary. Gandalf finds himself in question after Aragorn's departure for Rohan.

A birthday fic for Meckinock.
Chapters:1 Words:2628 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 6, 2007
Of Wizards, Dogs and Worrisome Cousins General Rated:All
Merry tries to distract Pippin from thinking about the palantír and winds up needing to be distracted himself
Chapters:1 Words:2196 Reviews:0
Updated:June 3, 2007
From Darkness to Hope General Rated:All
Sometimes during one's darkest hour, the purest light breaks through.
Chapters:1 Words:915 Reviews:0
Updated:June 3, 2007
A Collection of Sindarin Tanka General Rated:Teens Serial
My Sindarin tanka with illustrations.
Chapters:9 Words:866 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 3, 2007
For As Long As It Takes Tragedy Rated:Teens Serial
Throughout Merry's life, Pippin is there to comfort him during various sorrows and loss
Chapters:4 Words:5088 Reviews:0
Updated:May 31, 2007
Time to Let Go General Rated:All
Elanor reflects on her father's life just before he prepares to sail over the sea. Written for Marigold's Challenge #39.
Chapters:1 Words:832 Reviews:0
Updated:May 31, 2007
Iron to Iron Drabble Rated:All
Revisionist approach to the Silmarils
Chapters:1 Words:104 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:May 31, 2007
Another Doom Drabble Rated:All
Boromir believes that Faramir knows.
Chapters:2 Words:207 Reviews:0
Updated:May 31, 2007
Another Man's Cage General Rated:Adult
In an ordinary year in the life of Feanor's young family, motivations are revealed and events set in motion that explain their later history. Complete. A new chapter will be posted weekly by Friday morning.
Chapters:44 Words:317481 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:May 31, 2007
Chance Mischance Drabble Rated:All
Denethor steps onto the path.
Chapters:1 Words:101 Reviews:0
Updated:May 31, 2007
Precedence Drabble Rated:All
Things change between Hollin and Moria.
Chapters:1 Words:105 Reviews:0
Updated:May 31, 2007
In Aragorn's Safekeeping Drama Rated:Teens Serial
Rebecca and Thomas, two teenagers from the 1950s, end up in Middle-earth and become wards of Aragorn. It truly is canon friendly and follows the books closely but also fills in some gaps. Some romance, but not a Legomance.

2006 MEFAs: Honorable Mention - Genres: Drama, General

New: Chapter 35 - Homecoming - Part two

This story is now complete!
Chapters:35 Words:405422 Reviews:25  Read Latest Review
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Updated:May 28, 2007
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