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Stolen Moments of Wedded Bliss General Rated:Adults Graphic Serial
A series of loosely connected vignettes which belong to my alternate universe, in which Boromir doesn’t die at Sarn Gebir but becomes Elladan’s lover – and more. It can be considered a side product of my AU story “Seal On My Heart”.
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Updated:January 5, 2008
Gentlemen's Night Out General Rated:Adult
Written for entry in the HASA "Laws and Customs Among the Eldar" challenge. The "Adult" rating is extremely conservative in this case. A discussion of sexual mores with non-graphic references to past het and slash sexual experiences, and prostitution.
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Updated:January 4, 2008
Maitimo and Findekáno General Rated:Adult Serial
Story of young Fingon’s love for Maedhros and its reciprocation. Set in Tirion before the creation of the Simarils. (Slash.)

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Chapters:4 Words:14849 Reviews:0
Updated:January 4, 2008
The Burning of the Year General Rated:All
Faramir and Denethor lead the rites of the year's end as Minas Tirith celebrates the last night of 3018. Complete. Winner, First Place, MEFA 2007 (Late Third Age 3018-3022 Gondor).

(with thanks to Branwyn, and lindahoyland, for beta assistance)
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Updated:January 4, 2008
The Gates General Rated:All
Early in the Fourth Age, Gimli discovers his truest gift.

MEFAs, 2007:
2nd Place-Races: Dwarves: General

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Updated:January 1, 2008
Seasonal Help Humor Rated:All
When a small epidemic hits, some seasonal help is in order.
Chapters:1 Words:3004 Reviews:0
Updated:January 1, 2008
A Maid Waiting Romance Rated:Teens
Some who came to Minas Tirith did so in hopes of pursuing a larger ambition. For Systerien of Celebstrand in Dor-en-Ernil and Ivormil of Bidwell in Lossarnach, to find themselves in the presence of the King Returned served to put those ambitions into perspective.

A sequel to "Vocabulary Lessons" in "Moments in Time."

Chapters:10 Words:53631 Reviews:0
Updated:January 1, 2008
Scholarship General Rated:Teens
The prosperity of the Fourth Age can spur all kinds of commerce, in trade and in knowledge. What lessons will the heir of Ithilien learn?

Written for Branwyn's birthday.
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Updated:December 30, 2007
Full Brothers in Blood General Rated:All
Gift for Dawn Felagund for Holidays 2007. Written to following prompt: "Fingon and Turgon, younger, in Valinor. You hint about their relationship--or lack thereof--a lot, and I find myself thinking on this when reading your stories. So I'd like to see a scene between them. It doesn't have to be serious or even revealing; just a hint of what there was between two brothers in Aman."
Chapters:1 Words:4418 Reviews:0
Updated:December 27, 2007
A Harmony in Autumn Romance Rated:Adult
Slash. (Ecthelion/Glorfindel) A tale of belatedly requited love, with a dose of politics, set in the period immediately preceding the foundation of the city of Gondolin. Written in response to Slashy Santa 2007 request. (Beta, IgnobleBard.)
Chapters:1 Words:6132 Reviews:0
Updated:December 27, 2007
A Different Point of View Drama Rated:Teens
The Fall of Numenor from the POV of a very unusual character
Chapters:1 Words:3179 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:December 26, 2007
Winter Candles General Rated:All
Faramir and Eowyn resolve some bad weather blues - written for all who have waited for a loved one returning late from holiday shopping.
Chapters:1 Words:1143 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:December 26, 2007
The Weather Outside is Frightful General Rated:All
A runaway horse… lost hobbits… a search party of elves… a Ranger… and a snowstorm. A Yule story set in Rivendell in the days before the Fellowship sets out for Mordor. Written for the Naked Yule challenge issued by NiRi and Fiondil.
Chapters:1 Words:12205 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:December 22, 2007
They Also Serve Drama Rated:All
Arwen spends some time in the kitchens of Rivendell. (Betas: annmarwalk, agape4gondor)
Chapters:1 Words:1483 Reviews:0
Updated:December 21, 2007
Ar-Pharazon the Golden and the Heirs of Amandil Tragedy Rated:Adults Graphic
Author:Rob R.
An account of the downfall of Numenor and the foundation of Gondor and Arnor, based on the Akallabeth.
Chapters:13 Words:97168 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:December 19, 2007
Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair Romance Rated:Adult
A series of vignettes involving Denethor and Aragorn. Each vignette is inspired by one of the five elements of classical philosophy. Slash. Beta'ed by agape4gondor
Chapters:5 Words:5492 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:November 29, 2007
A Fitting Occupation General Rated:All
King Bard and his son discuss the future. A drabble series set in Dale some fifteen years after the death of Smaug. Written for a friend in hopes of lifting her spirits a bit!
Chapters:1 Words:950 Reviews:0
Updated:November 14, 2007
Kiss and Tell Humor Rated:All
First, my apologies to any elves who feel they have been slandered in this fic. And apologies to my readers for rampant usage of clichés.
Chapters:1 Words:1059 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:November 13, 2007
Harvest Dance General Rated:Adult
Birthday story written in response to a solicitation of a request from minuial_nuwing. A mild slashy romp. Nothing serious. (When she challenged me to give her Arakáno/Amrod, she knew it would come with footnotes.)
Chapters:1 Words:388 Reviews:0
Updated:November 13, 2007
My Shining Stars General Rated:All
And now for something controversial: Elrond stands on the deck of the ship carrying him to Aman writing notes in a journal. (Third place as short story in Simarillion Writers Guild's Silmarillion Anniversary Contest; also submitted for a "Wish Upon a Star" challenge at the SWG.)
Chapters:1 Words:847 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:November 13, 2007
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