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Mothers' Night General Rated:All
Faramir and Eowyn in Ithilien, weaving new traditions from old.
Chapters:1 Words:1241 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:May 3, 2011
The Web of the World Drama Rated:All
"Vairë the Weaver [...] weaves all things that have ever been in Time into her storied webs [...]" - "Valaquenta", Silmarillion

It is hard to love the world that is. Nevertheless, someone has to do it...
Chapters:1 Words:363 Reviews:0
Updated:April 23, 2011
The Use of Memory General Rated:All
Memory is not what the heart desires. Faramir and Arwen.
Chapters:1 Words:607 Reviews:4  Read Latest Review
Updated:April 6, 2011
Five Things that Faramir Never Said to Andrahar General Rated:All
Sometimes words are hard to find.
Chapters:1 Words:546 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:April 3, 2011
B2MeM Stories, 2011 General Rated:All
A place to gather my responses to this year's challenge.
Chapters:7 Words:3649 Reviews:0
Updated:April 2, 2011
A Journey through Arda Drama Rated:Teens
To house the ficlets written for the 2011 B2MEM challenges. This will wind probably through all the ages of Arda as well as throughout its geography. Shall we see where the prompts take us?

Beta by RiverOtter.
Chapters:28 Words:20248 Reviews:0
Updated:April 1, 2011
Proof Drama Rated:Teens
How to win friends and influence people. Faramir and the Ithilien Rangers.

Mithril Awards, 2004:
Finalist - Best drama

Chapters:4 Words:5166 Reviews:4  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 31, 2011
Homecoming General Rated:All
Imrahil returns home to pass judgment on pirates and on his dearest friend.
Chapters:1 Words:6912 Reviews:5  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 31, 2011
Chiseled in Stone General Rated:Teens
AU: An elvish sculptor deals will his own sorrow while creating the most difficult artwork of his life.....
Chapters:4 Words:11426 Reviews:0
Updated:March 30, 2011
Anemone Romance Rated:Teens
In the Blessed Realm, Frodo meets a mysterious and enchanting small creature from the sea. Could this be true love at last?:)
Chapters:9 Words:17086 Reviews:0
Updated:March 30, 2011
Bear Me Away! General Rated:Teens
How Frodo and Bilbo found happiness and peace in the Blessed Realm. A prequel to "Anemone". Stories can be read in either order.
Chapters:12 Words:45036 Reviews:0
Updated:March 30, 2011
Drop of a Hat General Rated:All
Pippin notices something about Gandalf the White: something is missing! What could it be??? :D Original idea from Shirebound. Both book and movie based.
Chapters:4 Words:13228 Reviews:0
Updated:March 30, 2011
Woman of the Secret Shadow Tragedy Rated:Teens
The tale of Thuringwethil, messenger and consort of Sauron...and the mother of all vampires.
Chapters:4 Words:7219 Reviews:0
Updated:March 26, 2011
Foundered Land General Rated:All
In the dark times, will we be singing?
Yes, we'll be singing of the dark times.
Chapters:1 Words:949 Reviews:0
Updated:March 24, 2011
The Dove General Rated:All
Short sequel to "Chiseled in Stone." Mikala meets a stranger with a troubled past beside the Monument.
Chapters:1 Words:3396 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:March 12, 2011
Elanor's Yuletide General Rated:All
A homesick Elanor Gamgee anticipates the season of Yule at Minas Tirith. Written for the LOTR Community Challenge Yule Fic Exchange.
Chapters:1 Words:6359 Reviews:0
Updated:March 7, 2011
Long Lost Dreams General Rated:All
Sam's sisters, Daisy and May, develop a crush on a certain newcomer. Guess whose help they enlist? From a Shirebound plotbunny.=:3
Chapters:1 Words:1483 Reviews:0
Updated:March 3, 2011
Washed Clean Drama Rated:Teens
Bilbo Baggins watches his beloved Frodo come alive again on Tol Eressëa. A drabble series inspired by the Tolkien Weekly "Water" prompts. Cues: rain, ice and snow, puddle, fountain, river, lake, tears, the sea, drink.

For Ellynn and Armariel for their birthdays.

Beta by RiverOtter.
Chapters:9 Words:959 Reviews:0
Updated:February 28, 2011
Chili With a Chance of Mushrooms Humor Rated:All
In which Frodo participates in a most unusual competition. A remix of "The Cook-off" by Larner. Written for the LOTR GFIC Community's 2010 Remix Challenge.
Chapters:1 Words:2684 Reviews:0
Updated:February 27, 2011
Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty General Rated:Adult Serial
The History of the Downfall, from Ar-Sakalthôr´s accession to Ar-Pharazôn´s Armada. Long saga. (Rating for possible future transgressions) NEW CHAPTER: Amandilçs life takes a new turn.
Chapters:34 Words:138741 Reviews:4  Read Latest Review
Updated:February 16, 2011
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