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Story search is easy to use. Type the word or words you are searching for into the text box, select where you wish to look, search type, and click the search button. The results will appear below the control panel.

Search String: This is where you enter the word or words you are looking for. You must enter at least 3 letters or numbers to have a valid search string.

Common Words: The search software removes common words such as he, she, it, the, and but from the search string. This is to reduce search time, as it is a waste of resources to search for words that are likely in every chapter. These words are not deleted when searching for an exact phrase, as they are essential to the search.

Accented Characters: If you need to use special character for words such as …owyn or Ešrendil, there is a list of all the accented letters used in Tolkien's writing above the search form. To use these characters, copy and paste the letters into your search string.

Search Field: This drop menu allows you to choose to search the story title, story comments, or chapter text.

Search Type: This drop menu allows you to select the type of search; any of the words entered, all the words entered, or the exact phrase entered.

Search Button: After you have set the search parameters, click this button to perform the search.

Results: The results of the search will be displayed below the control panel, sorted by story title. If more that 20 items are found, the results will be divided into pages of 20. If the search is in chapter text, each chapter counts as one result. If a page break occurs in the middle of the set of chapters for one story, the list of chapters will be continued on the next page under a second story description.

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