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If you have found something in a story or review that you think violates the guidlines of this archive, fill out the form below, and the site management will investigate. You must include your name and a valid e-mail address, which we will keep confidential. We will not process anonymous complaints. While we strive to keep everyone happy, bear in mind that your dislike of a story in itself is insufficient grounds for removing it from the archive. We publish a wide range of materials and force people to view a warning page before they can read adult material. Only that material which is outside the guidelines of this archive will be removed or suspended pending alterations. The management of this archive retains the right to make the determination as to the suitability of materials published here.

The software automatically logs the story or review you are complaining about. You do not need to include the title or name in your written comments as long as you have reached this page via the link in the offending item. Please check the information at the top of the form to be sure you are filing a complaint for the correct item. If you have reached this page from some other story or review, go back to the one you are complaining about and click on the link there.

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