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 May, 4 2007

A journal for discussion of the story "Reconciliation."


Just what the hook says. I will try actually to reply to any comments in this journal.

Hi Dwim,

No I didn't fall off the edge off the map in turkey!

I loved the end of this, it was wonderfully written and you hit all the hard ground and went through it instead of going around.

Andra is slowly settling into Dol-Amroth but here he is still also very haradric, it is wonderful to see this shift in him from here through to whatching him walk this road from the other side with Heth.

There are all kinds of courage and your characters show them all. Ornendil and Illian where both wonderful in the way they faced up to themselves and realised that all things must change, it can't have been easy to step down like that. I hope that they live to see what the young knights become.

Andra as well, to realise it has become to much for him, and yet to still hold on to his training, for someone as close mouthed as him to talk like he did that night can't have been easy, he seems so very alone through a lot of this. your refrence to those 4 years of nights, but how many more since? yet somehow he does it, the way he learns to let go and work with Pel yet he and Imri still have that wonderful bond between them.

Pel does a lot of growing up in this, learning to fight in the physical sense with the battle but also everything that comes with it, dealing with the loss of those who fought with him also the way he is with Elya, he cars but ywt there is still that quality in him that lets him want to fight this on his own.

For me though Elya is the real hero of this to go to the very brink and back again, to find a new life and to flourish in it. I think he is the bravest of all of them to fly in the face of everythig and say, "this isn't working out for me" and then to make a sucess of his life. It's so wonderful to see him happy at last.

Sorry this is so late in coming,

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