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 May, 4 2007

A journal for discussion of the story "Reconciliation."


Just what the hook says. I will try actually to reply to any comments in this journal.

Thank you for expounding so much on Andrahar's religious beliefs, and that of Harad in general, Dwim! That was fascinating; I loved this in particular about the Haradrim: "[A] people marked by a shattering encounter with the divine." I've not seen it described that way before (although self-evident when I think about it), but it makes the subsequent development of their society within the Unabeauverse very logical; stronger, somehow, as opposed to transposing a real-world example onto them. Not that the latter is a problem, but I appreciate the in-Arda justification for things being the way they are. And it all added a further depth to my understanding of Andrahar's struggles, both within and without. Reading "On Far Fields" again, I can better see this developmental arc you are constructing. Andra's complexity is wonderful and makes him so real.

It's a another very interesting glimpse into the Haradric way of looking at things when Andra tells Elya, "Every man born a warrior has it in him to wish his own death. That is why there are lords and oaths." Especially in connection with the more accepted use of suicide in Haradric society to maintain honor. Would Andra have considered Elya's suicide an appropriate Haradric response to the injustice he was suffering? I have the feeling the answer is yes, but I might be misreading that section.

And why does Haradric honor demand the suicide/death of a lord's avenger anyway (re: Andra's thoughts/statements in Kin-Strife)? Would Andra somehow incur dishonor by killing someone who has caused Imrahil's death? Or, since Andra's blood oath is based on him owing his life to Imrahil, does his life have no value once Imrahil is gone? I admit I've never been clear on the reasoning behind his commitment to that line of thought.

You see, it all just brings up more questions... :D

I'm also still curious about the look that Imrahil and his father exchanged. Did Adrahil give his son a specific charge to fulfill during their post-Calardin meeting?

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