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 May, 4 2007

A journal for discussion of the story "Reconciliation."


Just what the hook says. I will try actually to reply to any comments in this journal.

I'm with Peloren in not understanding the Southron . Was all this parley only a a ploy for time (waiting still for the missing ship)? What did he mean when he said Peloren was no messenger? That this is somehow a justification for violating the parley?

No, it's not actually a ploy at this point - the delay doesn't actually help the Haradrim. Any delay is working in favor of Peloren and Andrahar, whose only real hope is for the cavalry to show up soon and finish what they started.

Bhasat was actually being sincere - he's being, as he sees it, polite to honorable enemies, rectifying the stupidity and arrogance he thinks his commander showed, and he is certainly curious about his opponents. After all, they took down a sizable company with some stones, a net, a lot of luck, guts, and fury. Peloren has experience of Andrahar and some book knowledge of Haradric custom in general, but that doesn't really prepare him for this sort of thing, which is a somewhat unusual manifestation of the Haradric warrior ethos. And while he does end the truce in a manner that could be called unfair, he probably felt it was clear that all had been said that could be said, and he had said it in Westron, so all would understand - the way he sees it, neither he nor Peloren are diplomats. So he's just saving Peloren a duty that is beneath him and returning them both to their proper roles as warriors.

Naturally, all of this passes right over Peloren's head, but I suspect that's at least part of why Andrahar was so quick to respond when Bhasat attacked Peloren - as someone who was raised more or less to the same ethos, he saw it coming and was ready for it.

I'm glad Elethil did not commit suicide after all. I was so sure he had, but it's good he managed to get through his worst despair to see a better path.

All in due time. He's not out of the woods yet. But I'm glad there was some suspense with regard to his status.

Isn't "lookout" one word?

Oops. I'll have to go back and correct it. Thanks.

though we've had a good pair of eyes among the Haradrim in the last year

Hee-hee. Two pairs of eyes, to be exact...

Yes, indeed!

Isn't that a great deal of effort on the side of the Haradrim, just to raid some poor fishing villages along the coast - warrior caste, minor lord etc.? Especially as this stretch of the coast is so poorly inhabited, as you pointed out? Or was there something more behind the plan?

I don't think Dol Amroth has seen the last of ambitious pirates. The Corsairs are building up their fleet and are becoming more active, more daring, trying new things and longer voyages. Ornendil is right to think that they will try again, and who knows? They may even start raiding around Anfalas if they're willing to land just north of Dol Amroth. All those second and third sons of lords have to be drooling over the opportunities to advance through the navy since they cannot all succeed in rising to a ruling position within their family or clan alliances (and Harad has to be happy to find a way to get rid of some of them usefully, rather than deal with the destabilizing internecine strife).

So this was just a taste of things to come, and as Peloren realizes at one point, if the Corsairs had managed to take Calardin, they'd have a nice, clear path south and inland, all downhill until Dol Amroth, where they could wreak havoc before being forced back or destroyed. They could also have chosen to head further north and maybe even gotten far enough to strike the edges of Anfalas. If they'd actually gotten their second ship's company, they'd have had a sizable company to play with.

It's good that Ornendil and the others in charge know there must be a drastic change to everything that happenend.
I suggest they begin with sacking that horrible spymaster.

Restitution will be made in good time. :-)

I don't care if he is charge of protecting Belfalas and Gondor, he had no right to abuse his position as teacher to erode Andrahar's already difficult position and insinuate things, particularly with Pelethil et al.

No, he doesn't. Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped the powerful and paranoid often.

(BTW, and completely off-topic, it reminds me of one of my pet peeves with Hogwarts - the teachers there are so high-handed, unfair and arbitrary - and not only "baddies" like Snape - that it is no wonder if the kids try to solve everything on their own: they can't trust the teachers to help.)

I hadn't actually thought of that, but that makes complete sense. Yet another reason not to invest too much money in the series! ;-)

Ah, one thing I forgot to ask you before: "Badhon" - is this an allusion to the Arthurian battle of Badon Hill?

Yes it is. I thought it'd be amusing.


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