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 May, 4 2007

A journal for discussion of the story "Reconciliation."


Just what the hook says. I will try actually to reply to any comments in this journal.

I started posting this as a review, but it was getting to long and so I thought it would be better to post it here... and it would be easier for you to respond to if you wanted to. ;)

Oh, very glad to see Elya is alive and that hopefully he can now get help. This is my favorite scene - out of many favorites! :) he opened his eyes, and saw Elethil gazing down at him, eyes haunted, it seemed, with the dread of a bad year's furtherance. It was that, perhaps, that cooled his wrath, and kindled something a great deal more tender in its place. For whatever else he might be, was not Elethil his dearest friend?

And so he laced his fingers in with Elethil's, and squeezed, and said, "'Twas fear made you go to Badhon, Elya. But it did not bring you down from there. That was something else."

"How can you say that?" Elethil demanded hoarsely.

"Because," Peloren said simply, "I am your friend. And I know you." He paused, watching as something awful twisted in the other's face; twisted, and then suddenly broke, as Elethil drew an unsteady breath and blinked hard...

I like the images you show there of the pain that Elya is going through and has been going through for such a long time... we know that but seeing it here through Pel's eyes is just moving and it made me tear up for some reason. I just so feel for these guys in such a tough situation.

I also really liked when Orenedil made the comment that Pel wouldn't have failed if he had felt he could trust any of his brothers. It's so very true, there were so very few people he could go to in his time of need and that's a horrible place to be in and it's ironic that he ends up with the person that should be his bitterest enemy in such a situation. Orenedil is going to have a difficult time explaining all of this to the prince, but even more he is going to have a difficult time turning this all around. I don't envy him!

Very good chapter and I look forward to next week's installment.

By the way, the formatting is off. At least it is showing up strange on my computer and it hasn't with other chapters. Strange letters and such for ; and for ... and in Theorwyn's name. I could read it by pretty much guessing what each of the symbols were supposed to be, but maybe you could look at it?

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